Dr. Al Sears and Dr. Joseph Mercola offer superb health advice several times each week.  One recent article written by Dr. Sears noted that drug use for the elderly and not so elderly may lead to premature health problems and even death.  If you or a loved one take medication, read his findings.  READ IT HERE!

Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, at has a very popular newsletter that covers a myriad of topics from supplements and vitamins, herbal therapies, mammograms, the Fukushima news from Japan regarding the meltdown, microchips in food, side effects from meds and much, much more.

"Thank you for your devotion to magic without the cuts!"  ASTRID

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Using Facial Exercise Means No Cutting or Injecting
By Cynthia Rowland

"Was I ever glad I had been doing Facial Magic exercise when my daughter filmed me singing. I could really see the difference."                 Sara, Denver, CO

Divorce Causes a Saggy Face

Astavita Skin Defense Complex  Protects the beauty of your skin from the inside out. Every day we are bombarded with free radicals that attack our cells. This can cause our skin to look wrinkled and unhealthy. Smart people know that healthy looking skin is the result of the right nutrition and proper care. Astavita Skin Defense Complex is for people who want to protect the natural beauty of their skin and counteract the unwanted effects of aging through the science of nutrition.  Jackie Silver introduced me to this product and I don't ever want to be without it.

Eating nuts every day can help fight heart disease. Most healthful: raw almonds, hazelnuts, peanuts, pecans pistachios and walnuts. Go for lightly salted or salt-free.

Protein Ratings
Al Sears MD

Eggs (whole) 100
Eggs (whites) 88
Chicken/Turkey 79
Fish 70
Lean Beef 69
Cow’s Milk 60
White Rice 56
Whole Wheat 49
Soy Beans 47

Just by eating eggs, you’ll have higher levels of vitamins B12, A, E, and C circulating in your body.

A review out of Johns Hopkins concluded that fructose metabolism by the brain increases food intake, contributing to obesity and type 2 diabetes. It all has to do with signaling pathways in the brain—glucose decreases food intake, while fructose increases it."
Nutrition/Health Newsletter

Read those labels and avoid extra pounds.

Bad Circulation?

Having bad circulation is more than just dealing with cold feet and hands. Its a sign that your heart is trying hard to spread blood around the body. Take this as warning sign that you need more physical activity. Walk for at least 15 minutes a day, fast enough to keep your heart rate up, and you should sleep better and have better circulation. 

Ginkgo Biloba dilates blood vessels and improves circulation.  It can enhance romance after using it only two weeks.  It can be very effective for both men and women.

Breast Healthy New research shows that eating a few organic raw mushrooms and drinking green tea daily may likely alleviate the incidence of breast upsets.  Women in China have less breast cancer than we do here because their diet is based mostly on vegetables, a little fish and certainly green tea.

Selenium and Vitamin E protect your immune system by preventing the formation of free radicals; these supplements help the heart and liver functions, too.

Exfoliation equals fresh, young,
healthy skin




Dull, dry, gray skin. Layers of dead skin cells sitting on our faces prevent even the most aggressive moisturizers from truly providing fresh, young, healthy looking skin.

Our skin cells live about 21 days. As they mature, they move from our basal layer of the epidermis to the surface. These old cells become flat, dull and unable to hold needed moisture. Unfortunately, when these cells die, they stick to the surface of the skin, dulling our complexion.

These dead cells need to be removed frequently to reveal the living skin below. Regular use of the Daily Lift, our signature alpha hydroxy, will release dull, environmentally damaged skin cells, reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, even your skin tone, and minimize pore size. >> Get Daily Lift, Our Facial Magic Polishing Cloth used in conjunction with Daily Lift is a potent combination for creating a smooth, flawless face under makeup.

These two products deeply clean your skin and unclog pores. I recommend a total body scrub once or twice a week because dead skin also collects on our torso and your body moisturizer will work more efficiently when you regularly slough off the dull, old skin

I went recently to a Beverly Hills Beauty and Health Fair this month and a girl from a plastic surgeon's office was putting a lotion on me and noticed how great my facial tone was.  She even called over the plastic surgeon to touch my face.  ...I had her first touch my cheek and she said I first noticed it actually in your neck.  I showed them my wrinkle free, smooth forehead also.  The plastic surgeon at first seemed skeptical and cocky but he soon changed his tune. I will always be indebted to you for helping me stay youthful.  Sherry Z. Los Angeles

Ready for a very refreshing drink that is low in calories, sugar free and tastes great?  Try Mango flavored Zico coconut water. YUM!

Chewing gum can often prevent heartburn.  It stimulates saliva, which buffers stomach acid and washes it out of the esophagus and back into the stomach where it belongs ~ People's Pharmacy

I think Facial Magic has worked wonderfully for me!   Tom Ford


Several years ago I bought your tape & took pictures as you requested.  Well I would try it for 2-3 weeks then quit.  This went on every couple of years or so.  However I have always drank my water & exercised my body!  Well back in August I was considering some cosmetic surgery.  Went to a specialist.  Anyway that is when I made up my mind up to really work these facial exercises like I take care of working my body. (as it really does make sense)  I can tell a difference & have for sometime.  It now has been 11 weeks.  This time though I did not bother taking pictures.  People have been making comments on how good I look.  A close friend kept asking me if I had a face lift!     Shirley, Ohio

For a quick pick me up thinly slice a cucumber and a lemon; add several slices of each to a glass of water and VIOLA! You have a refreshing spa drink!

Make certain you always wear clean gloves to perform your Facial Magic exercises. 


Echinacea fights inflammation, bacterial and viral infection. Useful for colds, flu and other infectious diseases. Check with your health practitioner before using.
Always use a clean washcloth to wash your face or to remove products such as the Daily Lift.


To work with a physician skilled and knowledgeable in natural medicine to find the specific combinations and dosages that work best for you, contact the American College for Advancement in Medicine at (800)532-3688 or visit their website, for a location in your area.

There are four symptoms to detect problems with your ovaries:  1) Bloating  2) Unusual feeling of fullness when eating  3)  A sense of urinary urgency and 4) Pressure or pain in your stomach or pelvis.

"Coconut oil can protect your heart, boost your immune system, and help you lose fat faster and easier than ever before."  Al Sears, MD

Sometimes getting off a drug can be harder than you expect. This includes those drugs that plump and paralyze your muscles or even those that you ingest for certain ailments or conditions. Make certain you discuss this concern before beginning any drug regimen.

Research shows you may reduce the possibility of stroke by adding Vitamin C and Folate to your diet.  You can find folate in spinach, leafy green vegetables, asparagus, beans, chickpeas, and two primary sources of vitamin C: citrus fruit and tomatoes.

Is Stress Really Bad for Your Health?

Yes, stress is detrimental for your good health because it produces certain hormones in your body.  When cortisol is produced your immune system is compromised until the stress is alleviated or has passed. 

Chronic stress means that your immune system stays suppressed which means your body is susceptible to infection and dis-ease…This can mean your body easily catches a cold or flu; other conditions worsened by chronic stress are digestive problems, obesity, poor memory and of course, cardiovascular disease.  Relieving stress with exercise will improve your mood, creating a more calm and supportive environment.  So get out there and walk 30 minutes each day to feel better.  Remember, exercise is the Fountain of Youth according to Jackie Silver, author of "Aging Backwards: Secrets to Staying Young"