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This is my day and I'm going to make it count!

Rediscover the Youthful Face You Thought You Had Lost Forever!


3 Steps for Youthful Hands

Your hands and face are the only areas regularly exposed to the environment and this exposure to the elements can cause hyperpigmentation (those dreaded “age spots”).   In addition, our hands can suffer loss of volume making our veins and tendons look more pronounced and the skin look thinner.

So what are your options when your hands are a dead give-away of aging?

  1. Wear sun block daily and reapply every 2-3 hours.
  2. Exercise your hands – lift weights, stretch your fingers, clasp a small ball.
  3. Exfoliate and moisturize.  Use the Daily Lift on the back of your hands three times a week, follow with the Vitamin C, moisturize and then protect with sun block.  Be aggressive so your hands look sensational!


Exfoliate for Glowing Summer Skin

If you want your makeup to look sensational this summer, exfoliate those dead, gray skin cells that dull your skin.  Cells that accumulate day after day, week after week, month after month, block the effectiveness of serums and moisturizers making your skin look blotchy and unhealthy.  Daily Lift, our gentle alpha hydroxy, will work to quickly to lift spent skin cells on your face and neck; the Facial Magic Microdermabrasion Cloth will remove unwanted dead cells from your arms, legs and torso, leaving your skin refreshed and renewed.  Follow these treatments with serums and moisturizers to soothe and nourish thirsty skin.

Bad News for Plastic Surgery

"FAKE breasts are a turnoff, men say, and wrinkles beat Botox." These are just two of the findings in a new poll by Zogby International which asked 1,000 men and an equal number of women what they find sexy.

"The news is bad for plastic surgeons - while Botox and silicone get pumped into female bodies by the tanker-load, it seems men prefer the natural look. Only 6 percent of men said they preferred Botox to wrinkles, while 69 percent deemed breast implants not sexy."

And only 30 percent of men prefer makeup on their mates; 50 percent would rather they ditch the lipstick and go unadorned.

The message for women: "From wearing makeup to Botox, it ain't what you think it is," said John Zogby, president of the polling firm.

What’s a woman to do?  Use Facial Magic and Luscious Lips! 

3 Get Ready for Spring Make-up Tips
  1. Go easy on blush and eye shadows.  They can be more aging especially in bright sun light.  One makeup artist I know recommends that blush be applied after the eyes and lips colors are in place.  This way the tendency to overdo the blush is minimized and the application is youth enhancing.
  2. Sheer facial foundations work best in spring and summer.  Treat yourself to a mineral make-over; try  new blushes and lip colors that are fresh and lively.  Just the ticket for shedding the old winter look.

  3. Remember, the back of your neck and the back of your hands need sun protection, so use sunscreen in these often forgotten areas that are sensitive to sun’s damaging rays.   Sun damage contributes to 80 percent of wrinkles and skin damage.

How to Look 40 at 60

  1. Eat a healthy diet – horrible eating habits will take their toll eventually and your face and body will show the ill-effects.
  2. Take your anti-aging supplements daily – Vitamin C, Alpha Lipoic Acid, Beta Carotine, Vitamin E, Evening of Primrose and Selenium.
  3. Wash your face at night and be diligent with your skin care regimen. 
  4. Get out and move – A sedentary lifestyle is passé so take 15 minutes every day and do something physical.
  5. Keep the sun off your face and hands by using sun block, wearing sunglasses and a hat.
  6. Think about coloring your hair or adding a few highlights.
  7. Smile often and act, speak and move with youthful confidence!

   8.    Keep up your Facial Magic exercise routine.


What is the Diamond Face Lift?   Dermabrasion

Dermabrasion is a surgical technique that uses a diamond-coated disc to literally sand-off the superficial layer of the skin. True dermabrasion is associated with some bleeding, requires good anesthesia, and can provide dramatic cosmetic improvement of facial wrinkles.  I think this is the "diamond face lift". 

The term "micro-dermabrasion" refers to an ineffective technique that only provides temporary feelings of smoothness, and does not improve deep wrinkles.

Old fashioned dermabrasion using tumescent local anesthesia is probably the most successful technique for eliminating deep wrinkles on the upper lip. The success of dermabrasion depends on a high degree of surgical skill. Some cosmetic surgeons do not have experience in doing the dermabrasion procedure. Lip wrinkles which are not too deep can also be treated by laser resurfacing.

Laser removal of dark hair on upper lip and around the mouth

Dark hair on our upper lips is sometimes more than a nuisance.  We tweeze and tweeze, dermaplane, and sometimes resort to shaving this area just to rid our faces of those pesky, hormonally imbalanced produced hairs.

The good news is that in less than 15 minutes, the Cool Glide laser, the only laser machine approved by the FDA for treatment of all skin colors, can effectively reduce or eliminate dark hair without discoloring the skins pigment.

There is no need to suffer from painful electrolysis ever again, as your unwanted hairs can be safely removed from any part of your body in the shortest possible time imaginable. What a thrill to feel that you can accomplish hair removal from any part of your body in the most extreme shortest time, and have it done without any discomfort or pain.

The treatment is simple, easy, and smooth, because this new technology has a cooling effect on skin during treatment, and there are no side effects. This laser hair removal system can be as permanent as the old needle electrolysis. Neither treatment is a one time shot because humans regardless of gender or color have three dominant hair growth cycles. Only one cycle out of the three is the only time that the hair follicle or root can be destroyed. This cycle occurs 4 to 6 times each year. Therefore, it will require several treatments to eliminate your unwanted hairs. 

My sister has had a very nice result using Cool Glide; the cost for her upper lip and around her mouth was $250.00. (She had approximately 25 pulses @ $10 per pulse)  She has scheduled another treatment as it was recommended that she wait 6 to 8 weeks before resuming her treatment.  Not only has her facial hair been dramatically decreased, she believes the laser may have stimulated collagen production as upper lip lines are diminished.

How to use Vitamin C Serum

Our Vitamin C Serums use Magnesium Ascorbyl Phosphate, the potent and stable form of Vitamin C, to stimulate skin cell regeneration, production of collagen, elastin and other important components of the skin.  The state of the art formulas plump your skin to reduce fine lines and wrinkles as it lightens skin tone and age spots.  MAP is potent and you will be pleasantly surprised to see your skin texture become more resilient.

Vitamin C Serum is always applied first to clean skin.  Liberally apply this skin enhancing formula twice daily to your face, neck, back of neck, chest and the back of your hands.  Gently massage it into your skin using your fingertips

Allow the preparation to absorb into your skin before following with moisturizer and sun block for daytime.  At bedtime, apply retinol after Vitamin C Serum and follow with your nighttime moisturizer. 

3-D Face

Recently a Facial Magic user handed me an article from Vogue Magazine that addressed the 3-D face, a contrast to the wind tunnel result of aggressive facial surgery.  A 3-D face is one with youthful contours, a fresh face with volume rather than flat features.

The article goes on to list how different injections: Hylaform, Cosmoderm, Restylane and others, as if these needles bearing drugs are the only way to give your face the look of resilience. (It is not!) These very temporary fillers are expensive and additional injections are indeed a serious financial commitment because they must be repeated and repeated to maintain the desired look.

The article also discusses the Feather Lift, a less invasive suspension technique from Moscow that lifts the cheeks, eyebrows and jowls; even though this procedure does not have FDA approval, and the results far less dramatic than a traditional facelift, the procedure usually produces good results.  As with most procedures, the patient will be sore and puffy with bruising and swelling. See a slide show at the following site:


I still believe that Facial Magic is the best method to lift, contour and tone your face.  Our process is natural, totally non-invasive and the results are certainly as good if not better than any surgical procedure.

Rosacea  A Mysterious Ailment

Stick out your tongue.  Are the edges of your tongue scalloped?  Then chances are you may have rosacea.

Perhaps you have notice red bumps on your cheeks and you are certain it is not acne.  Some of you may look like you are blushing, others may discover pustules on your nose or forehead; what is really maddening is that nothing seems to cure the condition. It is estimated that almost twenty percent of the population suffers from this mysterious aliment known as rosacea.

According to Rosacea.org the primary signs of this life-disruptive disorder are:  flushing, persistent redness, bumps and pimples and visible blood vessels.  Rosacea can also produce eye irritation, burning or irritated skin, rough and dry facial skin, thickening skin, and facial swelling. 

Dermatologists are helpful to diagnose and prescribe medically proven treatments.  Various oral and topical medications are typically prescribed; while recently lasers and intense pulsed light therapy have been used.

The following web page may provide the information you are seeking:


Exfoliation  Fresh, young, healthy skin

Dull, dry, and gray skin.  Layers of dead skin cells sitting on our faces prevent even the most aggressive moisturizers from truly providing fresh, young, healthy looking skin.  

Our skin cells live about 21 days.  As they mature, they move from our basal layer of the epidermis to the surface.  These old cells become flat, dull and unable to hold needed moisture.  Unfortunately, when these cells die, they stick to the surface of the skin, dulling our complexion.

These dead cells need to be removed frequently to reveal the living skin below.  Regular use of the DailyLift, our signature alpha hydroxy, will release dull, environmentally damage skin cells, reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, even your skin tone, and minimize pore size.

In addition to frequent use of an exfoliator, you might want to consider supplementing your regime with a scrub or a masque.  These two products deeply clean your skin and unclog pores.  Tellurian Scrub is great for the entire body and I recommend a total body scrub once or twice a week because dead skin also collects on our torso and your body moisturizer will work more efficiently when you regularly slough off the dull, old skin. 

Self Tanning Tips

Want that glorious St. Tropez tan without damaging your skin?  Here are three steps to a bronzed, streak-free summer tan without the damaging rays:

1.     Exfoliate your skin, including arms, legs, knees, and elbows.  Apply Skin Smoothing Scrub to dry skin before entering the shower.  Rinse off the scrub, then shave your legs and thoroughly dry your skin.  You will notice how silky your skin feels and this silkiness aids the application process of the self-tanner.

2.     Some body parts absorb the tanning properties quickly so be certain to wash your hands thoroughly with soapy water and avoid direct application to the knees, elbows and heels.  Apply the tanner in long, broad strokes and then rub the tanner into your skin.

3.     Allow the tanner to dry before donning clothes.  Follow with a moisturizer and sun block/sunscreen when outside or under office lighting as self-tanners have no sun protection.

Eye Brows Drop With Age

Yes, it is a fact. Our eyebrows slowly move downward and you notice it most when your eye shadow dances away and your eyes look tired. 

A lax forehead muscle causes this downward slide.  This vertical muscle is simply flaccid and needs to be contracted (repositioned) with exercise.

By performing the Upper Eye exercise, you are causing the forehead muscle to become stronger, thus lifting the eyebrows naturally.  As your forehead strengthens, forehead lines become less apparent.

 Upper Eye Exercise

Smoother Skin for Spring & Summer

Your skin typically renews itself about every 28 days but as we mature, the sloughing process begins to slow so you need to supplement the process with a 3-step regimen.

First, use the Tellurian Body Scrub over your entire body on dry skin.  Hop into the shower and rinse those very fine cleansing grains off. 

It is a wonderful experience to exfoliate with this natural, non-chemical, non-acid facial and body scrub made from specially formulated extracts of chamomile, calendula and milk thistle.  It removes dry, rough, lifeless skin cells and pore clogging impurities, leaving your skin remarkably soft, smooth and invigorated.

Follow with the Daily Lift on any part of your body that needs extra moisturizing.

The Daily Lift is a completely unique skin care product that revolutionizes mask treatments. The purified gel contains a proprietary natural complex:  Alpha Hydroxy Acid and natural protease extract that has a calming effect on your skin.  The formula has a special dual action: Daily Lift gently removes environmentally damaged skin cells while it helps your skin to look and feel smooth and tightened.  It is terrific for your face, neck, chest and hands.

The last step to ensure silky smooth skin is to use a generous amount of Hand & Body Treatment over the treated areas.

More than a moisturizer, this extraordinary formula redefines the concept of natural skin care. Extracts of sunflower oil, macadamia nut oil, aloe vera and coneflower restores life and vitality to your skin.  You will be amazed how silky your arms, breasts, buttocks and legs feel.  Use it daily for maximum results.

If you plan to use a self-bronzer or tanning products, the above three-steps will assure a smoother application of the products. 
What to Look for in Skin Care

"Women are looking for miracles in a bottle," says San Francisco cosmetic dermatologist Dr. Richard Glogau, "but as a general rule of thumb, if a topical agent has a significant effect, it's going to be regulated by the FDA and classified as a drug." He recommends looking for a product containing glycolic acid or retinols, which can have some subtle effects over time. He also encourages healthy eating and sunscreen every day, as skin can repair itself over time if it is protected.

Shaving Points Hair Removal

Lasers are one of the most recent advances in hair removal. But they have their limits.

A report in Dermatologic Surgery found that the percentage of permanent hair removal through laser treatment varies dramatically depending on the site.

If you have laser hair removal on your upper lip, you can expect it to permanently remove 40 percent of the hair.

If you use lasers to remove leg hair, about 56 percent will be removed.

If you zap your back, a 50 percent hair removal is a safe estimate.

But in the bikini area, you'll find the amount of permanent hair removal is only 15 percent.

Gorgeous Skin After Forty?  Yes!  Five Skin Saving Tips
  1. MOLES   Watch your moles and other discolorations that look suspicious.  Ask your dermatologist to thoroughly examine them and schedule a “full-body mole check”.

  2. EXFOLIATE   Exfoliate regularly with the DailyLift to slough dead, stubborn cells from your face, your neck, your chest, the back of your neck and the back of your hands.  Your skin will look and feel smoother and softer instantly and you'll never want to be without it.

  3. SUNBLOCK   Protect yourself from overhead lighting that photo ages your skin that results in fine lines and dark spots along your hairline, nose and eyes.  The Mineral Sunblock we offer is superb.  Used by melanoma patients and sun sensitive individuals with great success.

  4. MOISTURIZE   Winter can be tough on our skin. If your elbows, legs, buttocks, back and arms are itchy, dry and scaly, they can be quickly softened and hydrated by first applying the Tellurian Skin Scrub in a light polishing motion on dry skin.  Remove in the shower and follow with the Tellurian Hand & Body Lotion.  Our body lotion incorporates all natural properties to provide a soothing and healing experience.  I promise you will love it!

  5. VITAMIN C   Vitamin C Serum has been shown to reverse sun damage and give your skin a clearer, brighter look.  The results are astounding!  Lighter, brighter, healthier skin!  Use it on your face, neck, chest, shoulders and back of hands twice daily.

Plastic Surgery  

Some are willing to expose themselves to risk and spend thousands of dollars chasing a Fountain of Youth.  Whether they opt for surgery or just good old-fashioned botulism disguised as Botox, these are extremes for   fight aging. 

Recently, when speaking with Elaine Young, Beverly Hills, realtor to the stars, she thought it would be a good idea if we appeared on television shows together.  Elaine has suffered for years from a disfiguring result of silicone cheek injections that went awry and believes that together we can educate others that Facial Magic is a natural and safe solution to maintain your face.

Elaine Young has been interviewed for years on every major TV show starting with "60 Minutes" and is a best selling author with a book titled "A Million Dollars Down", a controversial (tell it all) book about the trials and tribulations of the real estate business.
Five Steps to Look Younger

1)     Faithfully perform the Facial Magic routine

2)     Wash your face every night before bedtime

3)     Apply every “face” product to the back of your hands

4)     Eat less sugary foods

5)     Curl your eyelashes

Soft, Silky, Winter Skin

Does your skin feel tight, maybe itchy?  This is the season for dry, uncomfortable skin.  Maybe you have increased the hot water slightly in your shower or have been using the car heater more frequently.  Those two conditions can contribute to flaky, dry skin.

Here is what I recommend to combat dry, thirsty skin:  Before showering, generously apply Skin Smoothing Scrub over your legs, hips, torso, feet and arms before hopping into a tepid shower.  After rinsing you will positively love how soft and silky your skin feels.  Use the Skin Smoothing Scrub 2-3 times a week. 

Towel dry and follow with the Tellurian Hand & Body Moisturizer to moisture balance your skin.  Massage this rich lotion into your legs, hips, torso and arms daily for radiant skin.

The End of Aging

Todd, our resident programmer, came back from a few days rest raving about how good he was feeling.  He said his energy had improved in three days after beginning a regimen of Alpha Lipoic Acid combined with L-Carnitine.  He had read an article in the November 2003 Reader's Digest, entitled “The End of Aging” describing how Bruce Ames, a professor of biochemistry at the University of California at Berkeley, has tackled aging, paying particular attention to the possible link between free radical damage and cancer.

While in Italy in the mid 1990's, Ames learned that a dietary supplement, acetyl-L-carnitine, or ALCAR, was being marketed as a pick-me-up and according to this article, he understood why:  ALCAR is a natural biochemical that helps cells produce energy.  When he returned to the states, he began feeding his old rats this amino acid and within weeks, they seemed re-energized.

However, ALCAR did not lower the free radical levels so he introduced the anti-oxidant, Alpha Lipoic Acid to the rats diets.  The article quotes Ames as saying, With the two supplements, these old rats got up and did the Macarena.  The brain looked better; they were full of energy.  The results were equivalent of making an 80- year-old person look and act middle-aged.

These two nutrients can be purchased at most health food stores and the recommended dosage is 200 milligrams of alpha lipoic acid and 500 milligrams of acetyl-L-carnitine.  I, too, have begun taking these supplements and my energy level has soared, so you might want to try this combination as well.

Five Secrets to Youthful Skin

Exfoliate regularly.  Regularly using a body scrub will keep your skin looking toned.  Dry, flaky skin and rough patches will be greatly eliminated.  Follow body exfoliation with Tellurian Intercellular Hand & Body Lotion for best results. 

Drink Green Tea.  Anti-oxidants are like angels that take care of our skin boosting its elasticity.

Eat salmon, halibut and cod.  These high in Omega-3 fatty acids fish contribute to your skin's good health.

Wear sunscreen.  UV damage is sneaky and these damaging rays speed up aging – fast!   UV rays are present in most offices so protect your face, neck, arms and hands with our no-chemical, natural SunBlock.

Wash your face before bedtime.  Sleeping with your makeup on will most likely result in enlarged pores.  So cleanse and moisturize nightly.

Five adverse effects of Botox - More than bleeding, infection and bruising. 

Botox can result in the development of fine lines and wrinkles in other areas of the face.

Botox cannot be used on the throat, neck areas, around the mouth and eyes.

Botox requires more painful injections to maintain results.

Botox is costly; treatments range from $200-$600.

Botox can result in undesirable side effects including allergic reactions, difficulty breathing, unusual muscle weakness, chest pain, headaches and dizziness.

Aging Skin 

When we see aging in our skin, it is a sign that we are not giving it the care needed to sustain its healthy appearance. 

When we neglect our faces, premature aging takes over and we are left with inflammation and damaged skin cells.  Our complexion may even look gray and very unhealthy.

This is when topical preparations that penetrate the epidermis for renewal become very important.  Vitamin C will stimulate collagen production and act against free radical damage.  Alpha Lipoic Acid is a most powerful anti-oxidant that has the ability to heal by increasing the cells metabolism.  Magic Daily Lift will gently lift environmentally damaged cells that cause grayness and that less than vibrant look.

Linda Wells, editor- in - chief of Allure Magazine, recently shared her thoughts on The Today Show regarding aging and the products that stop it.  She brought good information to the viewing public about wrinkles, moisturizers and aging skin.  If you would like to read her advice, go to:


I found her segment particularly interesting because she echoed so many of my beliefs regarding skin care.  Her suggestions of using sun protection with zinc oxide and daily anti-oxidant protection to prevent wrinkles was superb.  They, along with sunscreens, prevent collagen from breaking down and wrinkles from forming. I could not have said it better myself. 

Ms. Wells knew that the current research says the loss of collagen and elastin tissue begins around age 20 and she also related that topical Vitamin C works as an antioxidant, protecting skin against damage from the sun.

Cymetra - Wrinkle Control?

Cymetra, Micronized AlloDerm Tissue is tissue replacement.  It is an injection that can replace collagen and other products to smooth your overall look. 

Does it work?  Is it painful?   Yes, it can work but do not expect miracles.   Yes, it is painful; one user who wanted larger lips stated, "it was the worst pain I have experienced. I could not stop the tears falling down my cheeks." 

Collagen is injected with a smaller gauge needle, Cymetra is delivered with a 26-gauge needle packaged with lidocaine.  Why?  It's painful!  Sharon and Janice work in a plastic surgeon's office; they tell me this is an expensive and painful method and their patients are not terribly happy with the results.

Recently a micronized from of AlloDerm termed Cymetra has become available. This material is rehydrated with lidocaine in the physicians office before injection. Because it is human derived, (cadaver material!) no skin test is required by the manufacturer. Clinical trials of 200 patients to date show no evidence of allergic reactions, however, transient bruising, redness, and swelling occurred.

Active Acne

Acne, the most common skin problem in the world, is usually not from poor hygiene but rather from the use of harsh cosmetics that can clog the skin (more on that!), lack of sleep, stress and not drinking enough water.

Just a few weeks ago while in Auckland (yes, again!), I attended a special conference where certain cosmetic products were available.  Even though I had an interpreter, I could not communicate effectively to ascertain the ingredients of a wrinkle fighting cream as they were written in a language I did not understand.  Being an adventurous Sagittarius, I bought this cream to see how beneficial it was for my skin.  After the fourth day of use, I noticed small bumps forming under my skin and in three days, those small bumps were raging, full-blown eruptions that were horribly painful and very unsightly.  Needless to say, I had a first hand experience with a breakout caused by a product and I was very stressed by my appearance.

Immediately upon my return to Los Angeles, I began researching acne and learned that 50% of professional women experience outbreaks due to stress.   The breakout gave me loads of stress.

Not only can stress produce adult acne, there are other factors too:  not drinking enough water, skipping meals, lack of sleep and not taking vitamins.  I was guilty of all of these and now that I am taking better care of myself, the acne has disappeared.

Can you provide instructions for applying under eye concealer?

My friend, Marlene, swears that the Bobbi Brown under eye concealer works like no other.  The cream is applied first with a brush and then the next application is a powder that ‘sets' the cream so that it stays in place.  Their color representative will help you determine the right shade that works for your skin tone.

Remember, less is better and be ever so careful when you apply anything to your eye area.

How can I eliminate enlarged pores?

Pores seem enlarged when they are blocked with oil so washing your face twice daily is recommended.  My aesthetician friend, Sharon, once told me that if you don't wash the makeup off your face at night, you are in danger of creating larger pores, so be certain to take the time for your nightly beauty routine.

Your diet may be a culprit, too.  Stay away from refined foods and enjoy the fresh fruits and vegetables that are available during this summer season.

The Tellurian Retinol certainly helps refine pores and I recommend that you switch to an oil-free foundation

Fat Injections - Anti-aging solution 

Fat injections will not delay or stop the aging process but injections of fat harvested from your abdomen, thighs or buttocks can decrease frown lines and wrinkles.  Usually the injected site will see about a 30% improvement so multiple visits are recommended.

Puffiness and bruising can accompany this procedure that runs $1000 - $2500 and results last 6-24 months.

I am thinking of flying to Toronto to have injections of Restylane to plump up my wrinkles.  What do you think of this product?

Restylane/Perlane has not been FDA approved for cosmetic use, neither has Radiance, Artecoll or Silidon 1000. These dermal filler injectables are being used to smooth out wrinkles, add volume to lips and shape facial contours.   Remember, these fillers can cause granulomas or lumps in the areas injected and there is some risk of allergic reaction!

I called a plastic surgeons office to ask about Restylane.  I learned that this substance, hyaluronic acid, is a natural sugar found in the human body.   I asked if there were drawbacks to injecting this drug and Janice, the office manager, said she thought one drawback might be the physician's training and technique.   I can imagine that!  The big question is will the patient like the results?  Will it look natural or will it look ridiculous?

Side Effects:  swelling, redness, pain, itching, discoloration and tenderness at the injection site.

Bottom line:  It is invasive, the results are temporary, somewhat risky, expensive, (expect to spend $700-$2500) and what will you look like?

FYI The Tellurian Day Cream, Night Cream and Eye Treatment include Hyaluronic Acid – dubbed Natures Moisturizer. Hyaluronic Acid plays an important role in tissue hydration, lubrication and cellular function.  Our products hydrate and nourish your skin every day!

Exercise to combat wrinkles

Did you know that exercise not only strengthens your body, but also reinforces your skin? When you subject your body to pressure in a workout, you also exercise your skin. The increase in blood circulation increases the renewal of cells and makes the capillaries stronger. In this way, you prevent your facial skin from becoming bloated, wrinkled and wealed. (Må Bra, January, 2003)

Get rid of wrinkles in your forehead

The first step in having a wrinkle free forehead is to recognize that if you are expressing yourself using your forehead, you will create wrinkles.  When you feel your forehead moving upward and you notice it is wrinkling, stop the action by gently touching your forehead with your ring finger.  Get in front of a mirror and watch how you express yourself.  If you are creating those wrinkles, you can stop them!

Here's an item so weird you'd probably guess it was phony if you heard it during The Mike Walker Gossip Game on Sterns Friday show -- but it's absolutely TRUE!  Priscilla Presley says she has never used Botox, and has no forehead wrinkles because Elvis used to slap me in the forehead every time I looked up! He'd tell me not to use my forehead to look up, only my eyes. POW! I still feel his hand there . . .

Botox - Is it Worth the Risk? 

Most of the 90,000 Americans who are expected to be treated with Botox this year will receive it for conditions that are not approved, especially the cosmetic treatment of facial wrinkles, frowns and crow's-feet.  According to the FDA, Botox is one of the rare drugs that is prescribed more for unapproved than approved conditions.

Botox does not cure, and because its effects are temporary, injections are often repeated every few months.  Botox improves some conditions that were once considered psychological in origin.   Toxin injections have relieved such ailments as chronic tennis elbow, writer's cramp, tremors, tics and continuous sweating from palms.  There is an ongoing study to determine Botox usefulness in treating stroke patients.

The most frequently reported adverse effects of Botox are headache, respiratory infection, blepharoptosis (droopy eyelid), nausea, and flu-like symptoms. 

The 100 circle exercise for the eye area.  Why does this work?

The very delicate under eye area needs this gentle massage technique to help stimulate blood circulation.  Remember, you must be certain that when you perform this exercise your ring finger must be generously lubricated to prevent further moisture loss and to insure that the ring finger glides around the eye.

Do I Look Too Old?

It's very easy to slide into a "comfortable look" without even realizing that you are starting to look like a granny. Today a woman of 50, 60 or even 70, isn't the same woman who lived a generation ago. So, with this in mind, I have collected a few tips that will help you update your style quickly and easily! 

1. Don't leave the house without your fragrance. It is however, important to consider the people you will be socializing with. If someone is allergic, by all means do them a favor and leave it at home.

2. At one time, woman that were grandmothers, always wore their hair short and permed. You don't have to go that route. If you like your hair short, by all means have it cut, but make it trendy.

3. Fashion is another area that can catch us up, quite badly. There is nothing worse than a baggy pair of slacks with a blouse that has seen better days, covered with an oversized sweater... If you are really stuck for ideas, turn to a catalogue. They will feature models in your age group, sporting outfits that will suit you too. Either order the outfit, or go shopping for something similar.

4. Shoes... what can I say. By all means wear something that is comfortable, but know when to toss them.

5. Florals should be reserved for comforters at best. I have yet to see an article of clothing covered in flowers that doesn't somehow make you look matronly.

6. Keep your jewelry classic looking, and it won't let you down. Those plastic pearls that were popular twenty years ago, pack them away. 

Shirley Bragg

Light Reflective Eye Treatment

Look younger with a shimmery foundation and use light reflective Tellurian Eye Treatment under and around your eyes to disguise fine lines and wrinkles.  And don't forget to curl your eyelashes!

Applying False Eyelashes 

 There are many suggestions on how to apply lashes and I found the following from Mr. Joel's website.

How To Apply False Lashes...


Before applying the false lashes, curl your own lashes first, then brush on a layer of black or brown mascara.


Place a drop of eyelash glue on the back of your hand. Wait 30 seconds so glue becomes tacky. Drag the base of the lash through the glue.


For single lashes, wedge the ends between your real lashes. If you are using full strips, trim from the inner corner to fit your eye. Apply band from outer to inner corner. Use light pressure and hold till set.


To secure, tap lash line with the handle of a small eye shadow brush.  Curl again, and add a second coat of mascara

Increased poise, better posture with this bum exercise:

Let your femininity sparkle!  Lunges and squats can really make a difference in our carriage and poise so that's why “ten a day” of these easy, combined movements will make a difference in your step.

Stand in front of a full-length mirror if possible.  Position your feet about a shoulder width apart, your arms straight at your side for balance and your hands balled into a fist.  Take a big step forward with your right leg (24-26”) and plant your foot.  Slowly bend your right knee slightly (you'll feel the resistance in your upper thighs).  Now return to the starting position with your legs a shoulder-width apart, slowly bend both knees slightly, your arms at your side, for balance, your fist balled and your back straight.  Begin with your left foot and complete the movement by combining the lunge then the squat.  Alternate the lead legs for 5 reps each leg for the first ten days.  Move to 10-12 reps each leg.  If you feel off balance when you begin, grab a medium high-back chair and hold on with first your right hand and then your left hand.  As you gain poise and strength, you can then proceed to the regular exercise.

Get rid of Flabby Arms Fast

I learned this exercise at Jack LaLannes Presidents-First Ladys Health Spas: Triceps

Stand in front of a mirror with your feet about a shoulder width apart.  Working one arm, hold a 5-pound dumbbell behind your head, elbow bent so your elbow is pointing at the ceiling.  Support your elbow with your free hand.   Slowly extend the weight upward to fully extend your arm (the dumbbell will be vertical).  Keep your arm close to your head, now slowly allow the weight to drop behind your head and then again, extend the weight upward.  (If it has been a while since you picked up a dumbbell, start with 3-pound weights).   Immediately you will feel the stretch in the abdomen and upper torso, as the back of your arms are contracted.  This is the perfect time to improve your abs as well as your arms.  So let us begin:  Stand with your feel one shoulder width apart facing a mirror.  The weight is in your right hand, your elbow is bent so that it is pointing to the ceiling, and your free hand is cradling your elbow.  Tuck your tummy which means tighten your abs and hold the contraction.  Slowly extend the weight upward, fully extending your arm, count 1,2 and then allow the weight to drop behind your head. Keep your arm close to your head and slowly allow the weight to drop behind your head.  Do 12-15 repetitions.  Now switch the weight to your left hand.  Keep your legs about one shoulder width apart.  Hold the dumbbell behind your head, elbow bent so your elbow is pointing at the ceiling.  Support your elbow with your free hand.  Contract your abdomen.  Slowly extend the weight upward to fully extend your arm (keep the dumbbell vertical).  Keep your arm close to your head and slowly allow the weight to drop behind your head.  Extend the weight upward.  Complete 12-15 repetitions.  Do this exercise once or twice a day.   If you must sit, say at your desk or your vanity, sit erect and contract your abs so that your posture is improved and your tummy can be flatter.

Push-ups are another great way to tone the triceps; c'mon you can do 10 a day from your knees.  Place your hands on the floor slightly less than a shoulder width apart and your elbows close to your torso.  As you become stronger, increase your reps from 10 to 20, then 20 to 30 push-ups.  Go for 50!  Watch your posture improve.


Use the Daily Lift or the Clarifying Facial Mask to tone and tighten your skin.  The tightening effect is cosmetic and temporary, but using these masks have other benefits as well – cleaner pores and better conditioned skin.  Only the Facial Magic exercises can dramatically affect firmness and texture.


If you don't like the intenseness of your eyeliner, soften it by applying a similarly colored eye shadow with its brush or wand, slightly smudging near your lashes to diffuse the line.

What exactly is non-surgical dermaplaning, and what skin conditions does it target?  

Non-Surgical dermaplaning is a procedure that gives your skin a smoother appearance. It targets acne damage, dull skin and fine lines & wrinkles. Using short, precise movements, an aesthetician wields a scalpel across your face, scraping away dead skin cells on the surface. The treatment typically takes 20 minutes, with the cost averaging about $200 per session in LA and NY. Dermatologists recommend one treatment per month for three months in a row. Because the treatment is gentle and chemical-free, it's a good choice for people with sensitive skin. Pain factor:  Zero.  Added benefit:  Facial hair is removed in the dermaplaning process so your face looks and feels smooth. 

Better Cleaning of Your Face

Always use a clean washcloth or sponge on your face so that bacteria are not encouraged to invade your face.  Apply a dime size amount of cleanser to your face, neck and chest with your fingertips.  Allow your cleanser to sit on your face at least 20 seconds after it is applied.  Use warm, tepid water and your washcloth or sponge to remove the cleanser using delicate, upward strokes. There is no need for rubbing or scrubbing.  Pat your face dry with a clean towel and begin your skin care routine.

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