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Diann Kaufmann's
Fabulous Results
With Facial Magic

Thousands of Men & Women Have Results Like Diann's!


12 Weeks later

Aging - What to expect...

Mid 20's to mid 30's
 * Frown lines begin to form between your brows.
Mid 30's to mid 40's
 * Upper eyelids begin to gradually fall and hood your eye.
 * Puffiness under the eye becomes apparent.
 * Fine wrinkling shows around your eyes.
 * The frown lines between your brows deepen.
 * Lips begin to develop wrinkles and lose their fullness.
 * Folds and creases develop between your nose and mouth.
Mid 40's to mid 50's
 * Eyebrows sagging and eyes hooding.
 * The jaw begins to lose its firmness and this may result in a double chin appearance.
 * The vertical neck cords become apparent.
 * The upper cheeks begin to elongate.
 * Jowls begin their development and your mouth corners begin to turn downward.
 * The tip of your nose begins to droop.
 * Lips are definitely thinner.
Age 60 & over
 * More of all of the above including more wrinkles and creases.
My name is Diann Kaufmann and I love what Facial Magic has done for me. One day I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror and realized just how much I was beginning to resemble my mother. Don't get me wrong, I love my Mother, but at 48, I didn't want to look like her.

Then I began to seem invisible to the opposite sex, my confidence left me. About that time, a brochure arrived at my home describing a non-surgical method of correcting the areas of my face that concerned me; my cheeks were spongy, jowls were beginning to form and worst of all, I knew people saw the bags under my eyes first. I kept that brochure around for days, reading and re-reading the text, and it all began to make sense to me. I had a feeling these specialized exercises for the face would work for me.

I began the Facial Magic program and in a matter of days, I saw subtle changes in my face. In weeks my upper cheeks began to develop in such a way that I had "high cheekbones". (The bones had been there all the time but my sagging muscles prevented a more youthful look.) At the end of eleven weeks my entire face was firm, lifted and toned; most importantly, the bags under my eyes were gone!

Facial Magic gave me a much younger appearance and I will use it for the rest of my life!


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