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Eyelids that droop? 

       Is your forehead weak? 

Sagging upper eye skin

Easily enjoy the results of a face lift without the pain, cost and unpredictability of surgery or injections.

Perform this exercise once a day, six days in a row. 

Take one day off and continue for another six days.



Marina, a 72 year old woman, works one-on-one with Cynthia,
performing the eye lift with dramatic results! This could be you.
Try it now in front of your mirror to see your results.

An Instant Lift for Beautiful Eyes
Your upper eye area will improve as your forehead muscle strengthens

1.    Relax your eyebrow area and then place the three middle fingers of each hand directly under your eyebrows.

2.     Drop the palms of your hands flat against your face.   

3.     With the pads of your fingertips directly under your eyebrows, push your eyebrows upwards and slightly outwards.  



4.    Hold your eyebrows in this position with your eyes open.    

5.    Slowly push your eyebrows down against your fingertips while holding your eyebrows high, and hold the contraction for five (5) seconds.

6.    Remove your hands from your face.




7.    Breathe in deeply through your nose, and exhale through your nose.  

8.    Repeat the exercise again. This time hold the contraction for ten (10) seconds.  At the seventh second, close your eyes, keeping your eyebrows held high.

9.   Remove your hands from your face.  Breathe in deeply through your nose, and exhale through your nose.  Begin again, hold the contraction for ten (10) seconds and close your eyes at the seventh second.  Repeat the movement again so that you have exercised for a total of thirty-five (35) seconds.


Perform this exercise once a day, six days in a row.  Take one day off and continue for another six days. 

This exercise begins to "awaken" your forehead, concentrating on the area above your eyebrow to the hairline.  Initially, you may see a line develop over your brow when you first perform this exercise - THIS IS TEMPORARY and a clear indication that your forehead has lost its firmness.

A specific horizontal forehead lifting exercise is introduced in Week Six although each time you perform the Upper Eye Exercise, you are strengthening and tightening your forehead.  And that little line over your eyebrow?  In a few weeks, it will be history. Your forehead will look toned and tightened.  No need for Botox or other toxins.


Now that you know how to give yourself an eye lift, why not firm and lift your cheeks, jowls and neck?  Your results will become evident each day and more so over the next few weeks.   Your face will look revitalized and you will have increased confidence knowing that you look refreshed and youthful!  Remember, when you use Facial Magic, it shows! 

Eighteen easy-to-follow face firming exercises on DVD (in Spanish & English) or VHS (English), Daily Lift, our gentle alpha hydroxy to tighten and clean your skin, Exercise gloves and your Success booklet that has your progress chart, a place for your beginning photo, exercise tips, skincare tips and more - all for less than the cost of a facial!  Order today and see visible lifting in just days.  You will love your results!  PROMISE!!!

                        I suggest you print this page and tape it to your bathroom mirror!

 The other target areas are: 

Upper and Lower Cheeks Crows Feet Jowls & Mouth Pouches
Neck, Double Chin, Wattle Upper Lip Upper Eye - Lower Eye Forehead
Vertical Forehead Lines Chin & Lower Lip Laugh Lines Bridge of Nose

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