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    Rediscover the Youthful Face You Thought
                      You Had Lost Forever!   


Even When You Are Meticulous and Extremely
Careful, It Is Inevitable
That Your Face Will Begin to Lose Its Firmness.

Using Exercise To Lift Sagging Facial Muscles
Is the SMARTEST Solution For You To Look Prettier and Younger!

This is a 50 year old face.

Notice the droopy jowls and loose skin below her chin.  Her entire face seems to be elongating due to gravity and muscle atrophy.  She looks her age.

Women my age and much younger keep telling me how great I look and I tell them about Facial Magic." 
Roberta B.  NY

"Was I ever glad I had been doing Facial Magic exercise when my daughter filmed me singing. I could really see the difference." Sara, Denver, CO

"I took your class in SF and have been doing the exercises faithfully for 6.5 weeks. I am seeing wonderful results and I am starting to look pretty again.  Cynthia, your exercises are fantastic!  How can I thank you for giving me back my good looks?!"  Judy J

I think Facial Magic has worked wonderfully for me!  
Tom Ford


Marina, a 72 year old woman, works one-on-one with Cynthia, performing the eye lift with dramatic results! This could be you.
Try it now in front of your mirror to see your results.


Here is the same woman just weeks after beginning Facial Magic. 

Notice how her jowls and neck have lifted, the nose to mouth line is smoother and her skin is tight and fresh.

Her face is youthfully contoured and her appearance has greatly improved. She looks healthy, vibrant, and younger.

You, too, can easily reclaim the youthful face you thought you had lost forever.  Read our testimonials, see dramatic before and after photos, and try the Facial Magic eye lift exercise.  You will become a believer that you can revitalize and lift your face in hardly any time at all.


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