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Read about the Facts of Facial Rehabilitation.


Thinking of a face lift?

Why spend thousands to correct a sagging muscle? When you want to improve your biceps, you don't run to a surgeon. Facial Magic, an isometric exercise program, will teach you how to tone, tighten and lift the muscles that have lost their tone and elasticity. Easy to follow video teaches you two exercises per week.

Your entire face will look healthier and you'll appear younger! Package includes video, Success & Beauty Tips booklet, and white cotton gloves. Included is a one ounce jar of Daily Lift, an all natural alpha hydroxy that helps remove environmentally damaged skin.

"Facial Magic is the greatest thing ever!  It's better than plastic surgery!"  Thelma G. Beverly Hills, CA

Natural Face Lift 

Look 10-15 Years Younger In Just Weeks!



Nancy - CA Testimonial
9 weeks of Facial Magic
Wearing only lipstick and mascara.

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See for yourself. Perform this exercise daily and watch how your upper eyes lift.
Click to lose that tired look  NOW! Droopy Upper Eyes

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Mark Berman M.D.
Dr. Mark Berman, President of the California Academy of Cosmetic Surgeons and a noted Santa Monica, California plastic surgeon.

"I've seen the results and they're really quite impressive. And actually if you think about it, it makes sense medically. After all, when you exercise your body, you're going to tone and tighten the muscles in your body. So why not apply the same principles to your face. If you stay with the program, it should work indefinitely.

Whether you're 30 or 70, you're going to see a definite change from using Facial Magic.  I've seen the results, and it works!"

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