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   When You Use Facial Magic, it Shows!

"Hi Cynthia, oh what a difference in my face."  Kim


Reclaim your face with Facial Magic

Just as exercise works for your body, Facial Magic easily "works" for your face.

You will look noticeably refreshed and younger when you exercise just minutes a day.

    Your facial muscles will lift and firm while your skin becomes tighter and healthier.




Gravity and muscle atrophy 

Notice changes in your face?   

The best way, maybe the only way, to correct areas of your face that are sagging is exercise with resistance.  Resistance exercise works for your body just as Facial Magic works for your face.  The exercises are easy to learn and the results are noticeable almost immediately!  Read what our users write and what you will experience in a few weeks!


You can start right now!  Try our Facial Magic Upper Eye exercise.  See how it works for you. 

Stand in front of a mirror and relax your face.  Notice the distance between your eye brows and your eye lashes. (Eyebrows drop with age)  Now click on exercise and perform the movements.  After you have completed the exercise, look at your upper eyes.  Can you feel your forehead muscle respond?  Can you see lifted eyebrows? You can do this exercise without gloves until you receive your Facial Magic Kit.  You can lift your face safely and naturally with Facial Magic.  Order today! 

Ready for your face to look 10-15 years younger?
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Each area of your face is targeted with isometric, resistance exercises to dramatically strengthen and lift your facial muscles.  You will lift, firm and tone: Upper Cheeks, Lower Eye, Upper Eye, Jowls, Pouches, Upper Lip, Neck & Double Chin, Turkey Neck, Vertical Forehead Lines, Horizontal Forehead Lines, Bridge of Nose, Back of Cheeks and Temples, Lower Cheeks and Mouth Corners, and Crows' Feet.

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