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"You have a great product. I'm 43 and teach at SFSU - so I'm around very young & very old people. When I tell my students my age...(yes, the little buggers do ask)...they are often surprised."
˜P., CA

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"I have been using the lip pump for a couple months now and the results are great. I have had the collagen injections before but they don't last and they are very expensive. The pump make the lines around my mouth plump out & hardly noticeable. I love the way my lips look after using the pump. Thank you, Thank you."
˜B.L., CA

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Ok. I am in love.  No, not with a new man.

With my Luscious Lips device.

I use it often, like 3-4 x weekly and voila!  Kissable lips.                         

Patty, San Diego




  • "The lines have diminished" I've tried the creams, the lip plumpers alone, the prescription creams to diminish fine lines around the mouth etc. nothing works....but YOURS does! I have scleroderma and the symptoms of facial tightening are starting to take its toll. My lips are shrinking/tightening.  I have fine lines around them recently that are noticeable...I simply cannot have this!

After two sessions of 10 pumps I saw them diminish almost immediately.  I have been playing with the pump for two hours and I swear to you, well as you know, the lines have diminished and my top lip is considerably fuller! thaank God! Donna M. New Jersey

  • "I am so hooked." I've been using the Luscious Lips pump for about a month now and I'm so hooked. My lips have never looked fuller even after having Restylane injections. The injections were about $300 and only lasted about a month for me while the pump was less then $60 and is here to use whenever my lips need a little pout to them. I'm a mini spokes person for the lip pump. Everyone I know has heard about it and you can't come into my house without me taking it out of the box and showing people what it can do. It's amazing.  J. H.

  • "I have the most beautiful lips".  I just had to let you know…I’ve been using the luscious lips pump since Sunday and I have actually had several men and one woman in the last two days stop and tell me I have the most beautiful lips!  It was really kind of funny, the way they tried to say it without making it sound  ‘strange, coming from a stranger’!  As with everything of yours I have used, LOVE IT, LOVE IT, LOVE IT!!

  • "Give it a try." Skeptical at first.  I now know the Luscious Lips Pump has made my lips beautiful and definitely made fine lines around the mouth disappear.  Give it a try!   Helen, Ontario, Canada

  • "I will never need collagen!"  With the exercises and the Luscious Lips I cannot believe the difference, I will never need collagen! Even when I have not pumped up, they have definitely gotten fuller and my lip pencil is so much easier to apply.  Lee D.

  • "Really works brilliantly!"   I received the product today.  Had it in my mind that it would be useless as I had never really heard of these pumps, but being typical female I will try anything once!  Have to say it is fantastic.  Really works brilliantly.  Great service too from order to delivery stage.   Well done for producing this great gadget. Many thanks. Dorothy

  • "I use it every morning, and it is a small miracle!" The Lip Plumper is a major success with me. I must say that although I am in my mid-thirties and still have full lips, my top lip is slimmer than my lower lip, and the lip plumper has corrected this problem instantaneously! Furthermore, I suffer from poor circulation, and as a result, my lips are really pale and lifeless!  Well the lip plumper has corrected this problem immediately too!  My lips are now rosy and all I need is some lip gloss over weekends!  When I first used the lip plumper it felt a bit 'weird', and to be honest, I felt slightly foolish putting it over my mouth.  I think I was a bit 'harsh' the first time because I suddenly had a red mark above the top of my mouth.  But within three days this problem went away and I quickly learned the needs of my body and adapted the plumper to my individual needs.  I now use it every morning, and it is a small miracle!  Susan, Auckland, New Zealand.

  • "Luscious Lips works wonders." Luscious lips works wonders. I wish I'd have found out about this item long ago. Thanks Cynthia for sharing it with us all.  Shari

  • "Thank you for making a dream come true." I am absolutely amazed at the results I had from using this device! It REALLY works! I am elated! I have wished for full lips since I was a little girl.  I would not hesitate to recommend this to anyone.  Thank you so much for making a dream come true.    Rosalind, Birmingham

  • "...nothing makes lips as sensual and youthful looking." We'd just like to say, as two really cool chicks, that for any woman (or man) who doesn't want to take the route of injection, NOTHING, and we mean NOTHING, makes lips as sensual and youthful looking (no matter what your age) as does the Lip Pump. Thank you!  Babs & Reetz, Ontario, Canada

  • "...I really don't think I could live without it now." I really like the lip pump, and it gives my lips a much fuller and supple appearance.  I use it in the morning before I put on my lipstick and it adds a lot more definition and fullness. My husband can really tell the difference.  For anyone who has ever been self conscious of their lips or mouth it makes you feel confident. Thanks...I really don't think I could live without it now.  Kelly

  • " lips [look] fuller and younger." Dear Cynthia, I wanted to let you know how much I love the Luscious Lips device. I am 54 and my lips look younger, fuller and more defined. I would recommend it to anyone. I have two daughters in their middle twenties and they both noticed that my lips looked fuller and younger. Thank you,  Maria J.  Hermitage, Tennessee.

  • "These Products are Wonderful" These products are wonderful.  I could tell immediately that they are very pure and gentle. The body lotion is fabulous.  I love the pineapple aroma--it's very therapeutic!  I will definitely be ordering these products in the future.  Also, I wanted to tell you that I am very happy with the Luscious Lips.  Having rather plump lips to begin with, I didn't expect too much of a change.  However, my lips have plumped up quite a bit more and the lines above my upper lip are diminishing. Facial Magic is an amazing system. Thank you, Cynthia, for your dedication to helping us look and feel better without resorting to surgery!  I'm looking forward to getting the Maintenance Video when it becomes available.  Again, thank you so very much!    Judy D.   

  • "I love the way my lips look after using the pump." I have been using the lip pump for a couple months now and the results are great.  I have had the collagen injections before but they don't last and they are very expensive.. The pump make the lines around my mouth plump out & hardly noticeable.  I love the way my lips look after using the pump.. Thank you, Thank you.. Barbara L. Fremont, CA.

  • "...the change in the size of my lips is incredible." I've had the lip pump for about three months now, and the change in the size of my lips is incredible.  I've always been self-conscious about having what I perceive to be thin lips, and have found the Lip Pump to be safe, quick, and with results that last for the whole workday.  I feel a lot better about myself - a lot more attractive - and recommend this product to ANY woman who would like fuller lips but is wary of collagen injections and other more invasive procedures.  Thank you very much for creating this product! Barbara V. Toronto, Ontario Canada.

  • "UNBELIEVABLE" As a makeup artist and former representative for a world-renowned cosmetic company, I feel confident in stating that there is nothing in the cosmetic marketplace that can enlarge the lips and help make fine lines around the mouth disappear (albeit temporarily) to the degree that the Lip Pump can.  In brief:  It has to be tried to be believed - UNBELIEVABLE, but is believable, because I tried it, and it works.  Rita H., Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

  • "...I  can achieve really full, pouty lips when I want." The lip pump device has been wonderful for me.  I've never liked my thin lips and was tired of the expense and pain of collagen injections. My next step was going to be surgery before I heard about the lip pump.  After several weeks of following the directions, I began to notice my lips looking much fuller.  Now after using the device for several months I can achieve really full, pouty lips when I want.  If you want full lips without the expense and pain of surgery please give the lip pump a try.  I think you'll be glad you did. Monya.

  • "I love Luscious Lips.." I received the lip pump in the mail yesterday, and want to thank you very much for your help with my lip pump emergency!  I have my device and feel human again (what does that say about me?). Anyway, thanks again.  I love Luscious Lips and am telling all my girlfriends about it, and some of the guys too, though they just give me weird looks. Best regards, Barbara V. Toronto.

  • "WOWEEE ZOWEE" Dear Cynthia, YOU are a classy, beautiful lady and I thank YOU for your note. I would like to have you BACK as my guest.  The luscious lips device I purchased is incredible.  I have the full, youthful, gorgeous lips and WOWEEE ZOWEE awesome! I am doing the exercises and really seeing some improvement!  Many blessings.  I never wanna loose you as a friend!  I hope you hyperlink the interview to your site so people can HEAR YOU! Love, Patty Kovacs  The Health and Beauty Revolution Show