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I received the product today.  Had it in my mind that it would be useless as I had never really heard of these pumps, but being typical female I will try anything once!  Have to say it is fantastic.  Really works brilliantly.  Great service too from order to delivery stage.   Well done for producing this great gadget.  Many thanks. Dorothy


I ran into a male friend of mine, who I hadn't seen for a couple years, at an event (he is 20 - 22 years younger than me) and people thought we were together. He didn't mind them thinking that and I was flattered that the age gap wasn't obvious. That sure made my day!!  Katherine, Canada


  Cynthia Rowland, EzineArticles.com Platinum Author



March was a terrific month for me - The Ageless Sisters shows showcased two amazing women - Kathy Hodge and Jill Kirsh - and there was another interview I conducted with Dr. Sherri Tenpenny who is passionate about breast health and helping us understand why we need to stay away from traditional mammograms, vaccines and injections. Very important information was imparted via a video presentation - click here.

The buzzword for Spring and Summer is COLOR! Whether it's lipstick, nail polish, clothing, handbags or heels think BOLD, BRIGHT and COLORFUL!

Attention New Yorkers - FREE Facial Magic Seminar! Save the date: Tuesday evening 6:00 to 8:00 pm, May 24. Location and details to be announced.

For those of you who missed our segment on WPIX, The Doctors, see it now and for the latest video clips, visit YouTube.com

Jackie Silver and I invite you to join us for our Blog Talk Radio shows! We are spontaneous, zany and our guests always provide useful, helpful information. You can listen to the broadcasts at any time, just click and you can access our shows.  We also accept live calls - we can visit with you and you can speak with our guests. 

Peace & Love, Cynthia


Join us *LIVE* 1st and 3rd Thursdays

10:00 am PDT/1:00 pm EDT

These are *LIVE* call in shows where you can ask your question directly to our guests. You can join us at your convenience, too, just by listening at our site: The Ageless Sisters

Our special guest April 7:
Joan Lasker

Joan Lasker, president and CEO of ColorMetrics, is a multi-award winning gal with her fabulous collection of products - Touch Back, Color Mark and Streekers - Touch Back and Color Mark camouflage gray roots instantly! Joan is the past editor of Vogue Magazine and was the VP for Corporate Public Relations for L'Oreal. She was the President Cosmetic Executive Women (CEW) - trade organization comprising 4,000 executive women in the cosmetic and related fields.

Our special guest April 21:
Lisa Petty

Lisa Petty knows about beauty and has written "Living Beauty" that describes how to feel great, look fabulous and live well.  Lisa will discuss her anti-aging secrets for lasting beauty, tips for feeling younger no matter what your age and she'll tell us the fastest, cheapest, and most natural way to change your appearance. 

You may learn more about Lisa at: http://www.lisalive.info/

The Ageless Sisters


Here are few tips you can try at home to keep your hair looking shiny:

Before you blow dry your hair, get as much as the moisture out first by towel and air drying.

Tip your head upside down and use only your fingers (not a brush) and dry your hair with the blow dryer.

Do use high quality products. Drug store products tend to have a lot of alcohol and can be drying.

 Firm & Repair Peptide
Treatment Serum

Firm and Repair Treatment features ingredients to repair the damage caused by sagging skin. These include: Antioxidants • Argania Spinosa Kernal Oil and Peptides. Peptides protect and repair the collagen in the same way as vitamin A acid (retinoic acid); which promotes thickening of the dermis. This results in a marked anti-wrinkle effect, leading to a significant reduction in the depth and length of the main wrinkles and lines within a month.

 Purchase now and Save $10! 
Offer good through April 30

Read Kathy's Story

Always feel free to contact us with exercise and skin care questions or health & beauty tips.   Contact Cynthia

Rancho La Puerta Spa – owner, 87 years old Debra Szekely, says ill health, is a result of …”the cumulative effect of smidgens"... pollution, radiation, excess calories


To work with a physician skilled and knowledgeable in natural medicine to find the specific combinations and dosages that work best for you, contact the American College for Advancement in Medicine at (800)532-3688 or visit their website, www.acamnet.org for a location in your area.

There are four symptoms to detect problems with your ovaries:  1) Bloating  2) Unusual feeling of fullness when eating  3)  A sense of urinary urgency and 4) Pressure or pain in your stomach or pelvis.

"Coconut oil can protect your heart, boost your immune system, and help you lose fat faster and easier than ever before."  Al Sears, MD

Sometimes getting off a drug can be harder than you expect. This includes those drugs that plump and paralyze your muscles or even those that you ingest for certain ailments or conditions. Make certain you discuss this concern before beginning any drug regimen.

Selenium and Vitamin E protect your immune system by preventing the formation of free radicals; these supplements help the heart and liver functions, too.

Research shows you may reduce the possibility of stroke by adding Vitamin C and Folate to your diet.  You can find folate in spinach, leafy green vegetables, asparagus, beans, chickpeas, and two primary sources of vitamin C: citrus fruit and tomatoes.

Is Stress Really Bad for Your Health?

Yes, stress is detrimental for your good health because it produces certain hormones in your body.  When cortisol is produced your immune system is compromised until the stress is alleviated or has passed. 

Chronic stress means that your immune system stays suppressed which means your body is susceptible to infection and dis-ease…This can mean your body easily catches a cold or flu; other conditions worsened by chronic stress are digestive problems, obesity, poor memory and of course, cardiovascular disease.  Relieving stress with exercise will improve your mood, creating a more calm and supportive environment.  So get out there and walk 30 minutes each day to feel better.  Remember, exercise is the Fountain of Youth according to Jackie Silver, author of "Aging Backwards: Secrets to Staying Young"

Meet Karina and Gloria.  These two gals keep my office running smoothly.  I want to make certain you know how beautiful they are and to put a face with the voice when you call.

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Seal Plastic Bags with Old Bottle Caps



How to Protect Yourself!


The Art of SDASU


Women my age and much younger keep telling me how great I look and I tell them about Facial Magic."  Roberta B.  NY


"Last summer I finally spent some time at a spa in Romania.  After a few days of smiles and greetings to others, one of the women came up to me to say that some of the ladies also in attendance at the spa had appointed her to ask me how it was that I had no facial wrinkles!  I told her about Facial Magic." 

Jackie, Florida   


"I have been circling around my eyes with an eye cream 100 times each and it really works!

I am a believer!"  Elayne R.

Wear sunglasses year round - even on cloudy days. Don't forget your hat!

Thank you so much for sending my lip pump to me!  You have saved my 'look', so I can go to work, or just be out in public with confidence.  Allyson - Las Vegas

Karen Collins, RD, a registered dietitian and nutrition advisor says..." only about 10% of all cancers are due to genetics.  The remaining 90% are related to diet, weight and exercise...smoking...and/or environmental factors."

Did you know that sleeping on a flat pillow may cause under eye puffiness? You can elevate the headboard with old books that are at least one inch thick and find a thicker, more dense pillow (I still love my buckwheat pillows and always take them with me when I travel).  Lumping several soft pillows together will not produce the desired effect.

"I've had [a] face-lift, eye job and all that stuff. It didn't help me one bit. It didn't get me happier or make me look particularly younger" - Kathy Griffin to Fitness magazine.

Drink a warm to hot beverage with your meal to lessen the occurrence of congealing fat and oily stuff slowing digestion.

 "Fructose will make you fat!

A review out of Johns Hopkins concluded that fructose metabolism by the brain increases food intake, contributing to obesity and type 2 diabetes. It all has to do with signaling pathways in the brain—glucose decreases food intake, while fructose increases it."
Nutrition/Health Newsletter

Read those labels and avoid extra pounds.

Bad Circulation?

Having bad circulation is more than just dealing with cold feet and hands. Its a sign that your heart is trying hard to spread blood around the body. Take this as warning sign that you need more physical activity. Walk for at least 15 minutes a day, fast enough to keep your heart rate up, and you should sleep better and have better circulation. 

Ginkgo Biloba dilates blood vessels and improves circulation.  It can enhance romance after using it only two weeks.  It can be very effective for both men and women.

Breast Healthy

New research shows that eating a few organic raw mushrooms and drinking green tea daily may likely alleviate the incidence of breast upsets.  Women in China have less breast cancer than we do here because their diet is based mostly on vegetables, a little fish and certainly green tea.

Important warning signs of heart failure:  (1) Swollen feet and ankles (2) fatigue (3) dizziness (4) shortness of breath