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1)  Cleanser:  Our cleansers are natural, gentle and effective.  After applying a dime size amount to your face, allow it to "sit" about 30 seconds or more so that makeup is "lifted".  I gently remove the Cleanser with a warm, wet washcloth and I keep rinsing until all residue is removed. Remember, no scrubbing.

2)  Daily Lift / Clarifying Facial Mask:  Most days I apply Daily Lift for ten minutes, removing with a warm, wet washcloth.  Usually twice per week, I will apply the Clarifying Facial Mask, leaving it on for 10 minutes or so and then removing it with a warm, wet washcloth.

3)  Vitamin C Serum: I appreciate this product because it evens my skin tone dramatically (try it on the back of one hand to see a most amazing demonstration of its lightening effect).  This product is readily absorbed and retained within my skin; I leave it undisturbed about one minute before applying the A28

4)  A28 - Smooth this delicious hydrating formula over the Vitamin C Serum and let it penetrate into your face, neck, back of neck, chest and back of hands.

5)  Eye Treatment/UnderEye Nourisher:  Using this product while performing the "100 circle" exercise will dramatically improve the under eye area.  The appearance of wrinkles will be satisfactorily reduced.

6)  Day Cream/Daytime Skin Nutrition:  These creams moisturize and protect your skin while the treatments are working in the deeper tissues.

7)  Mineral Sun Block:  Just a light smoothing of our Mineral Sun Block and I'm protected all day from daylight as well as the harsh, overhead lights in most offices.


1)  Cleanser:  A clean face before bedtime is a "must".  My sister believes it is the most important cleansing of the day and I agree.  Sometimes we're bone tired and washing our face sounds like a chore, but you will be happier with yourself when you take the time to remove the day from your face.  One aesthetician told me that if you don't wash your face at night, the effect ages your facial skin about ten days. Yikes!  Use a dime size amount and your fingertips to apply.  Let the cleanser sit undisturbed for thirty seconds, gently remove with a warm, wet washcloth.

2)  Vitamin C:  An important addition to your nighttime routine because your body regenerates and revitalizes during the night. Vitamin C helps my skin look its best. You'll love the difference!

3) A28 comes next.  I love the way it hydrates and plumps my skin.  Let it penetrate before applying the next step.4

4)  Retinol/Retinol 40:  I like this treatment because it pampers my skin. (It's great for keeping acne flare-ups to a bare minimum).  My skin feels firmer and looks remarkably clear; it really can help reduce and sometimes eliminate fine lines and wrinkles in about 4 weeks.

5)  Eye Treatment/UnderEye Nourisher:  Perform the "100" circle exercise before bedtime and wake up with beautiful, hydrated under eyes.

6)  Night Cream/Overnight Sensation:  The formula for these creams is an intense combination of intercellular nutrients that replenish and revitalize the skin throughout the night.  You'll see results every morning!

I use the entire line of products:  Skin Smoothing Scrub on dry skin before I shower, applying it liberally to my entire body, Hand & Body Moisturizer every day after showering.


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