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Not For Women Only
by Steven Tassopoulos

Remote PC [personal computer] and laptop repair is a fast growing business. Many people see the benefits of having a technician connect securely to their computer using an advanced screen-sharing program, as opposed to disconnecting all the wires and carrying their PC or laptop into a repair facility.  Only having to wait several days before being able to access important files, photo’s, emails, and social networking accounts such as Family & Friends.

There are literally hundreds of PC repair companies online to choose from, offering you, the Consumer, an assortment of choices.  If you are like most consumers, I believe you are shopping around for the best price and service.  With so many online vendors for you to choose from, at “MyPcRenew”, you will not only have the benefit of price comparison but important services as well. 

In the U.S., many home base businesses are sprouting up and many of them are run by women. In the UK, 97% of all small creative businesses are run by women.  Since many of these businesses are 1 person operations; having a stranger come into your home to perform a repair – which can take up to several hours, could be intimidating, upsetting and even alarming for virtually anyone.  Remote PC repair has the ability to stop this concern.  The fact that a person I do not know, does not need to come to my home, makes remote PC repair a winner!  [Cynthia & I, think it makes perfect sense!] 

Would you consider $19.99 a value for a full backup?  I think it is quite logical to save $$$ and time, not to mention practical.

I called a service that repairs computers, the technician I spoke with said to bring in my computer for a full backup, and the fee is $50.00.  Can you believe that?  Today and everyday I would rather save some $$$ than have to bring in my computer, using gas and time and not to mention frustration.  I will save $30.00 by contacting

Another benefit to remote pc repair is the fact that there may be a limited number of computer repair shops or technicians in your area to choose from, making it difficult to get your pc or laptop repaired in a timely manner.

That is where remote pc/laptop repair comes in handy.

At “”, a qualified technician can remotely connect to your pc or laptop, using a remote desktop connection, in the comfort of your home or office. You will need an internet connection.

When choosing a remote pc/laptop repair company be sure they offer the no fix, no fee guarantee so you will never get stuck paying more $$$ and the problem still exists.  For the convenience of being at home or your office, remember, at “MyPcRenew”, remote pc & laptop repair can’t be beat.  I very much dislike having to take, or in my case, haul-in my computer to have the same services completed, for Far Less than I, or you would normally pay by taking it somewhere. 

That is SO last century. 

Welcome to the 21st Century of online pc/laptop repair!  I am all for it!  Especially since my PC weighs over 50 lbs.

For more information on this cool service, click on the link above or at the end of this paragraphto start saving some $$$ regarding your computer issues. 

Something else to consider is the PC Tune-Up Service.  This service restores your system speed, performance and longevity.  I believe this is vital to anyone who has a computer or home business and has noticed that their computer is running slow. 

Think about it, will our cars run if we ignore the warning light?  Well your pc or laptop will suffer if you do not take care and maintain it properly. 

I think this is a great service for anyone who owns a pc or laptop.  Computer problems always made me feel lost.  But now I can now see the light at the end of my dark and confusing tunnel.

Thank you for reading my column!

I hope you all have a Sensational Thanksgiving filled with Family, Friends and Warm Happy Thanksgiving!


Steven Tassopoulos





Have you ever heard the term, “Skin Is In”? If you want to have more sex appeal have healthier looking skin.  After all healthy skin does make us feel sexy.

Do you remember the last time your skin looked sexy?  I remember the last time I noticed my skin.  The tone and tightness of my pores.  I was in my early thirties.  My skin was almost flawless.  I have been taking care of my skin since I was thirteen, and now after using only the best skin care available that I could afford, without needing a dermatologists prescription, My skin looks sensational, if I say so myself.  This year I turned 45, when I turn 50 my skin will look the same as it does today.

Have you ever heard of Peptides?  It seems everyone is talking about Peptides.  What are Peptides and what do they do?  I googled this and discovered some interesting facts about Peptides.

Many skin care products contain peptides to reduce wrinkles. But what are they? Can peptides really make your skin look younger?  It all sounds SO GOOD!!  Cynthia has a product that I NEEDED to try.  It is called “Cell Renewal Multi Peptide Anti-Aging Serum”.

Collagen is a protein made up of long segments of amino acids assembled together, like links in a chain. When collagen breaks down, short segments of amino acids are formed; these are known as peptides.  Peptides are more than components of collagen - these very small proteins are active molecules.  [Isn’t this interesting?]

Human skin is comprised mostly of collagen, which supports skin and provides the foundation that gives it thickness. Younger people have ample amounts of collagen, which results in smooth, taut skin.  In contrast, older people have less collagen and their skin tends to become thinner and shows more wrinkles and aging.

Collagen is destroyed by age and a variety of environmental factors including sunlight, but is not completely replaced. As a result, smooth, young skin gradually becomes thin and wrinkled over time.

One successful approach for minimizing wrinkles and giving your skin a more youthful appearance is to replace the collagen you have lost during the years.  Certain peptides are released when collagen breaks down.  Research from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) show that these peptides signal your skin that it has lost collagen and needs to produce new collagen.

Peptides applied directly to your skin will make it think it has recently lost collagen and has to manufacture more.

Peptides have been scientifically proven to reduce wrinkles in your skin and reverse the signs of aging. If you want a product that could take years off your skin and enhance your glowing features, Cell Renewal, Multi-Peptide, Anti-Aging Serum is for you.

My skin has taken a complete turn around after using the Multi-Peptides.  I LOVE how my skin looks!   My skin not only looks smooth, it feels firmer.

Two days after using the Multi-Peptides I noticed a difference in my skin.  I was stunned how quickly my skin took to this new wonder Serum. 

I also use the Carrot Oil.  Oil?  On my face?  I want to take the oil off right?

Well not any more they say.  I have been using oil on my face since the early 80’s. 

I love to float in the pool for hours on end tanning and having fun in the water.   After I cleanse my face I apply oil to my scalp/hair, and face/skin.  This would lock in moisture and my face would not peel. 

I LOVE using the new Multi-Peptides, my skin looks so good.  Good skin care along with Facial Magic exercises is the perfect prescription for sexy skin again!  Let’s face it, we all want to look our best, no matter what age we are, or want to believe we are.  Do your skin a favor and try this amazing product.  Your skin will reward you every time you pass by a mirror.  When you notice something different about yourself, you feel sexy and confident. 

Summer is coming!!

Thank you for reading my column.  Happy June!

Steven Tassopoulos


40 years ago .......

......I was 5 years old, and it was my first time in Greece.  My mother was born in a town called Amaliada.  Mother and I traveled there to see her older sister sister Efstathia and family.  I was also able to reconnect with my cousins whom I had met when I was 5.  Being so young on my first trip I did not remember what my cousins looked like, or what a cousin was or what it meant to have one.  Growing up I never had cousins, aunts or uncles, because they all lived 7,000+ miles away.  All relatives on my fathers side were deceased, so growing up it was always just my immediate family during holidays and birthdays.

Both my parents are Greek and I am 2nd generation here in the U.S.  Growing up I had always coveted friends who were part of a large family. My mother was the youngest of 10 children in her family, while my father was an only child.  I have always wanted to sit down with my cousins, aunts and uncles to share stories and laugh.  I have never had that type of family interaction that I have been craving for such a long time.  

My mother and I arrived in Athens, Greece on March 12th at 8:30 am.  We were both exhausted because we had been traveling since 7 am the previous morning [March 11th].  My cousin Thanasi [Arthur] had driven 3.5 hours from Amaliada to meet my mother and I and drive us back to his house where we would be staying for the next 2 1/2 weeks.

When we arrived Thanasi’s wife Katerini and my mothers sister Efstathia came out to greet us.  My mother had not seen her sister in 40 years and it was a very emotional reunion as my mother hugged her sister, tears were streaming down her face, hugs & kisses were abundant.  I was also emotional as I hugged my aunt for the first time in 40 years.  

Later that day I was reunited with my other cousin Marrula [Thanasi’s sister].  Marrula arranged a lovely Sunday dinner at her home for my mother and myself.  Another cousin Helen would also attend.  It was the family gathering I had only dreamed of, and now it was my reality.  I had fun conversing with my cousins in Greek while my second cousins Harry-13 and Peter-17 [Marrula’s sons] and I were talking about places to visit when they come to the U.S.  Everyone was happy and enjoying the delicious food made from fresh ingredients, no preservatives.  Helen’s husband George brought the wine which he made himself, and it was wonderful.

As we all sat at the table talking and sharing stories, I thought to myself, “so this is what it is like to be part of a large family”, and I smiled deep inside my heart which beamed from my very happy face.                                                                   Photo:  Steven Tassopolous

Staying with Katerini and Thanasi was fun, they were extremely kind and went out of their way to make sure my mother and I were happy and content.  They were beyond hospitable, they were amazing!  The food that Katerini prepared daily was delicious and I ate just about everything, except the small fried fish, which I think are in the same family as sardines, but a little heartier.  I do not like them, but tried one to see.  Nope, I do not like them.  I do know that I have gained some weight from all the YUMMY food that I have eaten over the last 3 weeks.  All fresh and delicious, does Baklava count?  Katerini made a large pan of Baklava just for me, and I eagerly consumed as much of it as I could!

During my first week in Amaliada, I walked around taking photos of the older homes which were affected by the last earthquake from 10 years ago.  Everyone refers to these homes as “Palia Spetea” [old houses].  I love these houses because they are all unique in their own way.  The  wrought iron balconies and the detail to the outside of each house set them apart from the new and shiny of present day houses.  I must have taken over 3000 photos of homes and other things that interested me.  I will show these photos at one point on my website within the next few months.

The countryside in and around Amaliada is beautiful.  I was able to visit Olympia, where the first Olympics were held.  It was amazing to see the ruins and how lovely they still are among the tall grass and wild flowers growing around the fallen columns.  I was able to shoot video with my HD camera, and the results are stunning, if I say so myself.  As I roamed the grounds of Olympia, I wondered if any of my ancestors walked where I was standing.

My cousin Helen also hosted a BIG family dinner at her house the week after Marrula had us over for dinner.  There were 13 of us for dinner on that Sunday.  The food was abundant and love surrounded us all.  My mother was reunited with her first nephew, George [another cousin of mine].  My mother was present on the day George was born and held him in her arms shortly after his birth.  My mother was moved to tears as George sang to her in Greek [of course].  For the first time since I was 5 years old, I was able watch my mother interact with members of her family. That Sunday we spent with family was enchanting, and I did not want it to end. 

As day turned into night on that Sunday, the time came to say goodbye.  My mother was hugging her nephew George as if he were going off to war.  Tears once again streaming down her face as she hugged George and told him how much she loved him.  George was also crying and my mother had to leave the room from overrun emotions.

We piled into the car and as we drove away to go back to Thanasi’s house, we waived goodbye and good night to our cousins, nieces and nephews. One week gone and one and a half to go before we depart for Athens.  My mother and I enjoyed connecting with relatives that we have not seen in many years.  I enjoyed exploring new territory as I took photo after photo of houses, countryside, goats, sheep, and anything that interested me.  

The food in Greece has not changed.  There are the American influences such as McDonalds, Subway, Pizza Hut and a few others.  But for the most part the food is fresh and preservative free!  I ate well and enjoyed every morsel; eating seconds is always a nice compliment to the cook, but Greek women almost expect you to eat more, more, more!  Which is fine by me, although I have noticed that my waist has grown a size or so.

If you have ever been to Greece you know to watch out for oncoming traffic.  People do NOT have the right of way, so watch out!  Cars do not stop if you are in the middle of the road and neither do mopeds or motorcycles.  WOW!  I thought driving in L.A. was awful, it’s a walk in the park compared to what I experienced in Amaliada and Athens.  I loved the cars in Greece, they were small and stylish, not big and outdated.  If America could only learn how to downsize their cars [and a few other things] maybe we would not have people complaining about rising fuel costs. 

My mother, Katerini and I arrived in Athens on Saturday, March 28th.  Katerini [Thanasi’s wife] came to Athens with us, and stayed with her daughter Sotiria, who is my 2nd cousin.  From the moment I met Sotiria, I liked her immediately, she is lovely, smart and fun!  She is also a lawyer. 

My mother and I stayed at a very nice place called, Electra Hotel, located on Ermou street.  The hotel is located on one of the busiest and most expensive streets in Athens.  Cars are not allowed to drive on Ermou street, there are very nice shops, stores, and restaurants which cater to all types of clientele.  A fast upbeat energy which draws you in and entices you to walk around and experience all that it has to offer!  No matter what time of the day or night there are people walking, talking and enjoying life.

On Sunday, March 29th we visited the Acropolis.  It was beautiful, and again I was shooting video and taking as many photos as I could.  So much to see, and do and take in.  We walked for over 6 hours before we sat down for a late lunch at a quaint sidewalk cafe.  We all ordered the same thing, chicken souvlaki!  I ordered a large plate of Tzadziki and we had fresh baked bread, with wine and wonderful conversation. 

On our last night in Athens the 4 of us dined at a lovely restaurant at the sister property of the Electra Hotel, called the Electra Palace.  OH MY!  It was simply gorgeous, elegant and stunning!  A rooftop restaurant with an amazing well lit view of the Acropolis!  It was spectacular to say the least, and the food was as well.  I took a few photos outside on the outdoor terrace overlooking the rooftop pool.  Need I say more?  What a sensational way to end our trip to Greece!  

Katerini and her daughter Sotiria walked us back to our hotel, we visited in our room for a little while, before our last emotional farewell.  My mother and I did not go to bed that night because we had to catch a taxi to the airport at 3 am.  We arrived once again exhausted after being in the air for a long 24hrs.  I am still trying to get back on track here in Southern California.  

I am not complaining, and I would do it all over again!  I already miss my cousins, aunts, and uncles.  I am craving the precious family bonding that I received ever so briefly.  

I will cherish these memories forever, guarded in my heart.

Thank you for reading my column.  Happy Spring & Happy Easter!!

Steven Tassopoulos


Hello Everyone!  Happy March 2009!

This month I would like to write about “my skin”.  Lately I have noticed some irregular behavior with my face.  My skin is dryer than normal.  So dry it looks scaly and kind of awful.  Do you ever have this condition?  I wonder what would cause this to happen.  Could it be that II am stressed over something, or that I have a birthday waiting to materialize at any moment?!
Maybe I am stressed about traveling abroad next week, or that I have 4 more NEW grey hairs, not on my head but on my chest!!  Once those grey hairs hit the chest area it all down him from there, so to speak.  I look in the mirror and see changes in my face.  My birthday is March 4th, and I will be turning 45yo. 

I am happy with how I look, but I know I could look better!  But with my skin acting so irrational what can I do to my skin without spending $125.00 or more to see an aesthetician for a micro dermabrasion or something like that, because you know you can’t go only once or twice, what is the point if you are not going to follow through with what you start.  It is the same way with starting a program like Facial Magic and sticking with it to see the amazing end results.

Okay, now back to my skin, I always ramble off into different areas.  My solution was to use a clay mask to soothe my skin and help my dead skin come off gently while also helping to tighten my pores.  I also have noticed that my pores are not as tight as they once used to be, I want my face to look fresh and somewhat toned, tightened and sculpted.  Am I asking for too much?   

I asked Cynthia if she had a mask I could use and she gave me the Cell Renewal Systems “Clarifying Facial Mask.  This is exactly what I was hoping for.  This mask is great for my face, I can feel it help my skin, repairing cells while relieving irritation from my dry damaged skin.  This mask is easy to use, all I do is apply a warm face cloth to my face to open my pores a little, then I apply a thin layer of the mask to my face, I usually leave my mask on for at least 5 or more minutes.  While I wait for it to dry I will accomplish something on the computer or do a small chore around my home.  I gently remove the mask with a warm, wet face cloth.

After the mask I apply either day or evening moisturizer [depending on what time of the day I apply the mask, makes sense doesn’t it?] there is a reason why we have both types.  To me a good moisturizer will help repair and heal.  My skin looks Ahh-mazing in just a few days and I am again Happy!  You know what I mean by Happy, and I know what I mean by Ahh-mazing.  

When I was a teenager, and by a teenage I mean 13yo, I used the Mint Julip [did I spell that right?] green facial mask.  Good skin starts with me, and you.  I have been using skin care since I was 13, I have just gotten lazy recently.  It happens, I am only human.  I am lazy with my facial exercises also, but that is changing again.  
If we ever meet take a good look at my face, I have few lines and no wrinkles, . . . yet, and I most likely will not have any for quite some time. . . I believe.  I take care of my skin as best I can.  Excellent skin care and facial exercise rescues my face from looking like, well like the person I do NOT want to look like.  Who is that?  I am not sure exactly.  I just want to look like myself.  We are all one of a kind, as long as we are true to ourselves and not a carbon copy of someone else.
I am leaving town for a month and I am euphoric to be doing something very exciting.  When I return I will have a few stories and many photographs.  Life is good.  No, its not good, it IS Wonderful!  

I will tell you more about this adventure in my May column.


Until next time, Enjoy yourself and March 4th into Spring!  

Steven Tassopoulos


Hallelujah!  Have you seen the Rachel Ray clip regarding Facial Magic?  Human Lab I believe is featured exclusively on the Rachel Ray show.  They take 3 women from their studio audience who want to change their appearance or look younger, one of the 3 women received Facial Magic to test, the other 2 women received different items claiming to lessen lines and wrinkles on their faces to help them look younger. 

Oh my gosh!  The woman who tried Facial Magic was amazing.  I believe her name was Madeline, and I do not know where she lives, but I would LOVE to meet her one day and talk to her about the experience she is having with Facial Magic.  She had not met Cynthia or ever spoken with her, but has gotten the same results as everyone else has received from the program.  
I would love to see photos of Madeline in 6 months to see how her face is responding to the exercises.  From what I saw from the Rachel Ray show clip, Madeline seems like a lovely person, I bet she is.  If you have not seen the Human Lab presentation make sure you watch it here on Cynthia’s site to see what I am talking about.  WOW!  is all I can say, for now.

So Hallelujah!!  It is nice to know that someone besides myself feels this way about Facial Magic.  This year I wrote about how my experience with Facial Magic has turned my “face” clock  back a few years.  Most people say that I do not look like a 44yo man.  <<Blush>>, either they are being polite or completely honest, it really doesn’t matter, fact is, we ALL like to be told that we look nice, or good or better yet, GREAT!  Right?
Facial Magic is truly an effortless and painless excercise program for your face and neck.  Think of it as a gift to yourself for taking the initiative on looking youthful and proud of your appearance.  
I believe the last 20 years has been a time of learning about ourselves and concerns for things other than just hair and make up.  You fix your hair and put on make-up, or if you are a man you will shave your face.  Most people are afraid to “touch” their own faces, feeling awkward when applying moisturizer and under eye cream, or even applying the Facial Magic Daily Lift [I use a small plastic spatula to apply it to my face].

When I was a teenager I noticed my face breaking out and acne setting in for the long haul.  I have been using skin care since I was 13.  You would never know to look at my face that I even had 1 pimple.  I went to Bloomingdale's department store and purchased a good facial skin cleanser.  I made sure that my face was as clean as possible.  Soon the acne went away and my face was radiant.  Ok, I know I was only 13yo, but I started, and that is the important thing, starting a facial program, and staying on it. 

Today I use Cynthia’s skin care, the Daily Lift is a wonderful product, my skin absolutely looks youthful and radiant when I use these products.


Certain friends of mine have flat out asked me why my skin looks so good.  Facial exercise and using good skin care [Facial Magic], PLUS the new Carrot Oil.  I LOVE THIS OIL!  Wonderful scent and non-greasy.  All you need is 2 squirts twice a day.  Your skin looks smoother and feels great.

So you see good skin care is essential when doing your Facial Magic exercises.  Try it, you’ll LOVE the results and compliments, I know I do. 

I have known Cynthia Rowland for a long time, we met over 16 years ago, at a party in Corona del Mar and we have been best friends since day 1.  Cynthia has a wonderful way of connecting with all types of people.  A kind, gentle, and very loving spirit who is on a mission to educate women and men of all ages on the benefits of facial exercise.  That is quite a mission, and she does it with ease, she exudes an effortless tenaciousness, always willing to help anyone who asks.  Isn’t that amazing?  
Hallelujah!  I am blessed to have Cynthia in my life!  Cynthia loves me like one of her son’s.  I know and feel it in my heart.  My mother also recognizes this and she is grateful that Cynthia is looking out for my best interests.  How lucky am I?  VERY LUCKY I THINK!  

I have loved few women in my life, and Cynthia is definitely one of them.  She is very special to me and I love her very much.  She is my guardian Angel, and I will keep our friendship forever, guarded in my heart.
I would like to wish you and those you love, Happy Holidays and a stellar New Year!

Steven Tassopoulos

If you'd like to email me my address is 

I look forward to your comments and questions.

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