Tellurian Skin Care
The Evolution of Natural Skin Care

A new definition of skin care has evolved, a system based on the nature of the skin itself.

The skin has been endowed by nature with all it requires for proper functioning and optimum health. Age, environmental factors, dietary deficiencies and poor health all contribute to deplete the skin of natural, vitally important elements.

The Tellurian intercellular Skin Care Collection is based on a deeper understanding of the composition and function of the skin. The term "intercellular" refers to the location of the elements, which are the spaces between the cells of the epidermis and dermis.

Intercellular Lipids are oil-based materials located between the cells of the Epidermis where they contribute to the all-important protective barrier function of the skin.  In addition to protecting the skin from chemical, biological and environmental assault, these lipids also regulate the retention of moisture within the Epidermis.  They consist primarily of Essential Fatty Acids, Sterols, Ceramides and Phospholipids.

The Intercellular Matrix is located between the cells of the Dermis.  It is composed of two major elements, Glycosaminoglycans (hyaluronic acid, chondroitin sulfate) and Natural Moisturizing Factors (amino acids, sodium lactate, sodium PCA).  They are both powerful "hygroscopic" materials that attract and bind moisture within the Dermis.  The increased moisture content plumps the skin and reduces the appearance and formation of fine lines and wrinkles.  Increasing the moisture content also allows for the proper functioning and enhances the transport of vital nutrients tot he skin cells.

For Your Eyes - Treat fine lines, wrinkles, puffiness and dark circles around your eyes with our Intercellular Eye Treatment. This product nourishes and dramatically reduces the visible signs of aging with natural "light diffusing" minerals. Noticeable results immediately!

For Sensitive, Delicate Skin - Our Soothing Serum works to instantly calm irritated skin caused by sun overexposure, wind, chafing or acid peels.

A clean face is a must before applying makeup and before bedtime. Our exceptional Intercellular Cleansing Gel deep cleans and helps skin retain its natural moisture balance. It is effective in removing makeup and impurities that dull the skin. Use it morning and night.  Rinses clean with no residue and prepares the skin to receive maximum benefits from the other treatments.

   *Intercellular Cleansing Gel
    *Skin Smoothing Scrub
    *Clarifying Facial Mask

   *Vitamin C Serum Treatment
    *Intercellular Eye Treatment
    *Soothing Serum Treatment
    *Retinol Treatment
    *Ultra Antioxidant Complex

   *Intercellular Day Cream
    *Intercellular Night Cream
    *Intercellular Hand & Body Lotion

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