"You have a great product. I'm 43 and teach at SFSU - so I'm around very young & very old people. When I tell my students my age...(yes, the little buggers do ask)...they are often surprised."
˜P., CA

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"I have been using the lip pump for a couple months now and the results are great. I have had the collagen injections before but they don't last and they are very expensive. The pump make the lines around my mouth plump out & hardly noticeable. I love the way my lips look after using the pump. Thank you, Thank you."
˜B.L., CA

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It was fabulous and such a joy to meet you. I am doing the exercises and believe that they have tons of value....your personality and  effortless rapport with people was welcomed.....I think you helped us to see we are all connected as women, growing wiser with years and continuing to have vital, youthful spirits.....I was rejuvenated by just meeting you..

Thanks again for sharing your authenticity.....and humor.  MARTY, FL

Absolutely loved the class, the product and Cynthia was fantastic!



This class was a lot of fun. I learned some really good info I plan on using.


Cynthia, In my opinion your class was FABULOUS, and the timing of it could not have been more perfect for me.  I had just spent the morning coming to the conclusion that I would look into a face lift (even though I truly do not believe in invasive elective plastic surgery as a solution!) because I was so disgusted with my looks at age 54.  You offer something of such value and hope to every one of us in this extreme "Youth Culture" whose face has sags, bags and wrinkles!  I am sure that you have heard that many times over by now, but I believe that a true compliment can never be given or heard too often!  Blessings, M. Rafael

I found it quite interesting, and when it works, I will be thrilled.

Very fun, interactive class! Cynthia is very dynamic and upbeat and her enthusiasm was contagious. I appreciated the fact that although she did have products to purchase, she did not spend class time promoting them but waited until the end and then offered them in a very low key way.

Cynthia was fantastic! She has a positive and glowing energy that exudes in her presentation. I highly recommend her class. Her facial beauty & other testimonials are proof that these exercises work.

Cynthia is an energetic & dynamic speaker. She cares about others & that really came through in her presentation. She was not pushy about selling anything & part of that is because she was so great about explaining things it sold itself to buy her video, etc. She also sat after the class & answered individuals questions if they came up to her. It was like having a free one on one & most people in her position would not do that. Plus the two men assisting with her were very personable & friendly. One of the best classes I have taken in a long time & a great speaker.