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Have you tried ColoreScience Mineral Makeup? 

Diane Ranger, a pioneer in the field of mineral makeup, has developed a line of color cosmetics that are actually good for your skin and that everyone can wear.  It does not matter how old you are, what type of skin you have (dry, oily) or what condition your skin is in (dehydrated, sensitive, rosacea…). It is gentle enough to work on everyone even those who have recently undergone laser or plastic surgery.

 There's a reason for this:

  1. It is Natural: The source of mineral makeup is rock. What could be more natural? It contains no perfumes, artificial dyes, alcohol, mineral oil, fillers, binders, pressing agents, harsh preservatives, or talc. Those are the ingredients in general makeup that cause sensitivities.

  2. It Will not Clog Pores. Period!

  3. No Allergic Reactions: If it's truly a mineral makeup (with no additives), allergic reactions are extremely rare.

  4. Natural Sun Protection: Mineral makeup naturally contains zinc oxide and titanium dioxide. These properties are physical barriers to the sun (offering a full spectrum UVA/UVB protection of about 20 SPF). And, you don't have to wait 20 minutes after applying it to get the protection. It's immediate.

  5. Anti-microbial and Anti-inflammatory Properties: The iron oxides in mineral makeup do not support the growth of microbes, so mineral makeup can be applied immediately after any facial treatment including microdermabrasion and peels and very soon after laser treatments (which is why plastic surgeons and dermatologists recommend its use). In addition, zinc oxide and titanium dioxide are anti-inflammatory ingredients that help calm irritation.

  6. Great Coverage and Wearability: It is water-resistant and, when properly applied, will cover hyper-pigmentation (dark spots), bruising, acne and port wine stains. And, even after all that, it will still feel light on your skin.

  7. Extremely concentrated: A little bit goes a long way, so it's important to know how to use it — both so you won't waste it and so you'll like it. When you apply it properly, you'll love how it looks and feels, and it will last! Because of the expense of the raw ingredients, mineral makeup is more expensive than regular makeup. The convenience of use and the incredible concentration of the product, however, make it more economical than one might initially think!

  •       Completely Free of Oils...Which Can Clog and Enlarge Pores

  •        Completely Free of Perfumes and Dyes...Which Can Cause Allergic Reactions

  •        Completely Free of Talc and Alcohol...Which Can Dry Your Skin

  •          The minerals have great reflective properties and light absorbing properties to protect the skin from UVA and UVB radiation.

  • Colorescience's natural sun block adheres to and lies on top of the skin surface providing a protective barrier from the environment.

Line Tamer Skin Brightener

Turn The Light On!

Works especially well on rosacea
Makes lines smoother, pores look smaller and skin brighter.
Nourishes, hydrates & refines texture of skin.
Protects skin from sun damage...great for hands where aging is very noticeable.
Fine line spackle, primer, protective layer, skin resurfacing.
Use prior to, during, after, or instead of the application of makeup.
Skin brightening pale yellow coloration is exactly the tone to help the skin look soothed, not stressed, after extractions, glycolic treatments or micro-dermabrasion.
Enriched with tea tree, lavender and tangerine for soothing.
Each bottle contains approx. 99 squirts with 1-3 squirts per application.
Soothing oat beta glucan is found in both Line Tamer Skin Brightener and Wild to MIld Skin Bronzer. The magic of oats...the FDA recognizes oats as a powerful antioxidant. Oat beta glucan also appears to stimulate skin cells to produce collagen. The cells swell a little and remove the appearance of wrinkles. Research is also showing a substantial reduction in redness.


Fresh New Makeup Palette
Why do we love this? Let us count the ways. Beautifully versatile with two brushes; it fits in our smallest bag and give us a sensational look  with colors that are unbelievably pretty.

Information/Order: Call 866-426-5673


Sold at top resorts, spas and salons: http://www.colorescience.com


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