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Dr. Carolyn Doherty, Associate Professor of Facial Plastic Surgery at USC, participated in the Berman study. She says, "Luscious Lips worked for me and I would highly recommend it to anyone who is interested in having fuller, younger looking lips. I find the Luscious Lips device to be easy to's painless and the results are much better than I had initially anticipated."

Carolyn Doherty M.D.


Mark Berman M.D.

Dr. Mark Berman, President of the California Academy of Cosmetic Surgeons and a noted Santa Monica, California plastic surgeon, decided to put Luscious Lips to the test. Dr. Berman conducted a study with pre and post trial photographs and surveys to determine the effectiveness of the product. A pilot group of 20 professional women ranging from the ages of 22-51, volunteered to participate in this survey during the months of July and August 1999. These women were asked to take Luscious Lips home for three weeks and use it according to the instructions. The results proved to be successful. The women surveyed said they would continue to use the device, particularly on special occasions when they really desired their lips to look fuller. The women claimed that both the inexpensive price and the reasonable amount of time that their lips stayed full were surprisingly impressive. Berman states, "Based on this study, it appears that the Luscious Lips device is a simple, safe and affordable way for a person to temporarily increase the fullness of the lips." Berman goes on to say that he feels the product is effective and recommends it as a non- surgical alternative for his patients.
Regarding Facial Magic, Dr. Berman says,  "I've seen the results and they're really quite impressive. And actually if you think about it, it makes sense medically. After all, when you exercise your body, you're going to tone and tighten the muscles in you body. So why not apply the same principles to your face. If you stay with the program, it should work indefinitely.

Whether you're 30 or 70, you're going to see a definite change from using Facial Magic.  I've seen the results, and it works!"

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