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Self Examination

Two of my girlfriends discovered suspicious looking marks on the underside of their upper arms and in both cases the "marks" were melanoma! So many of us wear our robes or dressing gowns when we've finished with our showers and baths; these cover the arms so that when we blow-dry our hair or apply our makeup, we cannot see our hidden areas. So, check today to make certain there are no discolorations on the underside of your arms. Stand in front of your mirror and give your nude body "a once-over" - be certain to raise your arms and look for anything out of the ordinary - it could save your life!

Both of these gals were "baby oil sun worshippers" in their youth and were totally shocked to discover the discolorations in an area that typically was not over exposed to the sun.

The American Academy of Dermatology offers the following Sun Safety Tips:

1) *Use a broad-spectrum sunscreen that protects against UVA and UVB rays and has a Sun Protection Factor of 15 or greater, even on cloudy days.
2) Reapply sunscreen every two hours when outdoors, especially if you're swimming or sweating.
3) Wear protective, tightly woven clothing. Dark colors give more protection.
4) Wear a 4-inch wide broad brimmed hat and sunglasses with UV protective lenses.
5) Stay in the shade whenever possible.
6) Avoid reflective surfaces, which can reflect up to 85 percent of the sun's damaging rays.

*Expensive sunscreen is not necessarily better. Although a costly brand may feel or smell better, it isn't always more effective.

Best resolution statement I've seen yet from Salome's weekly e-letter.

This new year, instead of making the usual resolutions, resolve to transform your life into an expression of the Divine within you. Seek to express your beauty. Do not focus on your shortcomings. Seek to help lighten the load for others. Do not burden others with your judgments of them. Seek to recognize the Divine in all things. Do not condemn, for there is much that is beyond your understanding. Seek to unconditionally love yourself. Seek to unconditionally accept yourself. Seek to embrace every aspect of the world, even the painful parts…for it is in this embrace that you will find truth and in this truth, there is awakening. May all beings know peace and may it begin with you.

Let's make a pact…to remember this…to become this! One day at a time…

Ignorance is Bliss

Want to be happy in your old age?

Don't pay attention to any one else's advice.

That's the word from the International Journal of Aging and Human Development, by way of a study done at Hofstra University in New York.

Researchers studied the "inner ages" of various volunteers-in other words, how old they felt, regardless of what their drivers' licenses said.

They found that the signs of a happy, youthful inner age were: being venturesome, giving advice and keeping fit.
But the signs of being old and unhappy were: taking advice, being a homebody and having health worries.

Flying tips 

Flying in an airplane can quickly dehydrate your skin. Try to avoid drinking coffee, orange juice and soft drinks while in the air. Instead, drink plenty of water and keep your moisturizer in your carry on so that you can use it frequently. On long flights, get out of your seat and walk the aisle once an hour

Important Drug Alert

All drugs containing PHENYLPROPANOLAMINE are being recalled.  Please pass this on to everyone you know. STOP TAKING anything containing this ingredient. It has been linked to increased hemorrhagic stroke (bleeding in the brain) among women ages 18-49 in the three days after starting the use of these medications.  The FDA states the problems were not found in men but recommends that children and women seek alternative medicines.

The following medications contain Phenylpropanolamine:

Acutrim Diet Gum Appetite Suppressant Plus Dietary Supplements

Acutrim Maximum Strength Appetite Control

Alka-Seltzer Plus Children’s Cold Medicine Effervescent

Alka-Seltzer Plus Cold Medicine (cherry or orange)

Alka-Seltzer Plus Cold Medicine Original

Alka-Seltzer Plus Cold & Cough Medicine Effervescent

Alka-Seltzer Plus Cold & Flu Medicine Effervescent

Alka-Seltzer Plus Cold & Sinus Effervescent

Alka Seltzer Plus Night-Time Cold Medicine Effervescent

BC Allergy Sinus Cold Powder

BC Sinus Cold Powder

Comtrex Deep Chest Cold & Congestion Relief

Comtrex Flu Therapy & Fever Relief

Day & Night Contac 12 Hour Caplets

Coricidin D Cold, Flu & Sinus

Dexatrim Caffeine Free

Dexatrim Extended Duration

Dexatrim Gelcaps

Dexatrim Vitamin C/Caffeine Free

Dimetapp Cold & Allergy Chewable Tablets

Dimetapp Cold & Cough Liqui-Gels

Dimetapp DM Cold & Cough Elixir

Dimetapp Elixir

Dimetapp 4 Hour Liquid Gels

Dimetapp 4 Hour Tablets

Dimetapp 12 Hour Extentabs Tablets

Naldecon DX Pediatric Drops

Permathene Mega-16

Robitussin CF

Tavist-D 12 Hour Relief of Sinus & Nasal Congestion

Triaminic DM Cough Relief

Triaminic Expectorant Chest & Head Congestion

Triaminic Syrup Cough & Could

Orange 3D Cold & Allergy Cherry (Pink)

3D Cold & Cough Berry

3D Cough Relief

Yellow 3D Expectorant 

If you have any of these items in your medicine cabinet, call 800-548-3708 with the lot number so that you may receive a refund.


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