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Facial fitness expert Cynthia Rowland, who is over 50, is living proof that her "Facial Magic", "Luscious Lips" and "Tellurian Skin Care" products work.  With the complexion of a 25 year old and the energy and spirit of a teenager, Cynthia has taken facial rejuvenation to a new level.  Her non-surgical, natural face-lifting exercises combined with her intercellular skin care products, have helped hundreds of thousands of people rejuvenate their faces, taking 10-15 years off their appearances.  

Born in Enid, Oklahoma on a working farm, Cynthia knew from an early age that the glamour of the beauty industry was to be her calling.  After graduation, Cynthia spent four years as a fitness instructor at Jack LaLane’s President First Ladies Club.  With her knowledge in physical fitness, she went on to manage three Oklahoma City health clubs.  Five years later, Cynthia moved to Indianapolis and opened a Modeling Agency, training young models for camera and runway.

Now an accomplished entrepreneur, Cynthia Rowland was given the opportunity to work in television and grabbed it.  Moving to Los Angeles, Cynthia began working behind the camera on "The World Professional Karate Championship" for ABC’s Wide, Wide World Entertainment.  After a successful three years in the entertainment industry, Cynthia returned to Oklahoma to work with an oil exploration company, commuting between offices in Denver, London and Perth, Australia until the company was sold in 1988.

Cynthia settled in Denver, where she was recruited to manage a clinic specializing in a 12-week series of European facial exercises.  Excited and intrigued by the improvements of the clientele’s facial appearances, Cynthia consulted with a noted physician to develop a combination of therapies for rejuvenating the face.  They created a new, nine-week video program, using 18 exercises, targeted at rehabilitating 15 areas of the neck and face.  The revolutionary "Facial Magic" program, tightens droopy eyelids, sagging cheeks and double chins with miraculous results.  "Facial Magic" is now seen in 27 countries through a highly successful infomercial produced in seven languages.  Cynthia has helped women worldwide to obtain a more youthful face, without the dangers, pain and cost of cosmetic surgery.

Following the success of "Facial Magic," Cynthia created "Luscious Lips," a small hand held lip pump that makes the lips fuller and younger in just a few pain free seconds each day.  Easily carried in a purse, "Luscious Lips" is a safe and affordable alternative to collagen injections or Gore-Tex implant surgery; the results can last up to 10 hours.   Women have also been amazed at the reduction in fine lines and wrinkles around the mouth.  "Luscious Lips" is a must for every woman, wanting to achieve natural looking lips without needles, surgery or pain.

Her company, Rejenuve, has recently developed "Tellurian Skin Care," a line of intercellular skin care products.  All of her products contain natural ingredients, and are formulated to replenish the same vital natural elements that make up the skin, renewing and reviving it for optimum health and appearance.

Cynthia Rowland now lives in Southern California and is committed to finding new ways to educate and help the public achieve a more youthful, ageless and healthy face.  "Facial Magic", "Luscious Lips" and "The Tellurian Skin Care Line" are available at Cynthia’s website: and her 800 phone number: 1-800-592-3366.

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