February 2002

Only love is in my space. 

Dear Ones,

Ah February, the month we celebrate LOVE. Love of others, love of self, love of life!

My friend, Taylor, is the author of the February affirmation. I wish all of you could know her; she's so tuned in to life and I'm grateful for her counsel. We have known one another for years, maybe lifetimes, and it was she who prodded me to learn more about the benefits of facial exercise about fifteen years ago. For that, I am thankful.

We have received many, many testimonials this month and we appreciate hearing from you. Your stories and kind words encourage me greatly to keep educating women that your face can look young and vitalized with Facial Magic, Luscious Lips and our Tellurian Skin Care Line.

I am pleased to announce our "Tell-A-Friend" January winner is Judy Dunwody of El Paso, TX. We are sending Judy a special package that includes the Daily Lift, Therapeutic Lip Crème, Vitamin C Serum, our 5-piece Skin Care Collection, Skin Smoothing Scrub and Hand & Body Moisturizer. Congratulations Judy! (The contest is still running, and you, too, can enter for "the $100.00 in product" drawing when you refer five friends to the newsletter.)

Keeping your face well moisturized while subjected to dry heat in offices and homes, is a good goal so I've decided that you would benefit with a "Buy One, Get One Free" campaign. Buy one Daytime Skin Moisturizer and get a Nighttime Skin Moisturizer free! That's a savings of $19.95! So, stock up now because come March 1, this promotion is over.

All love,


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New Year...
New You!!!!
Spotlight Special

5 piece Skin Care Collection features five "must haves": Cleanser, Day Cream, Night Cream, Eye Treatment and Hand & Body Moisturizer. Great for business trips and vacation travel. Makes a terrific gift. Order unlimited quantities for $9.95 ( A February savings of $10). Hurry, offer expires February 28.


Hi Cynthia, my name is Lynn and a friend of mine gave me some of your Magic Lift around three weeks ago; I started using it and I could see the changes right away. I could not find it in the stores here in Sarasota, Florida. I did some research on the Internet and found your company. I placed an order with your company and received your product in just a few days. I am very pleased with the results that I have gotten. And people have noticed a difference and commented on how well my skin looks. So thank you.

-Your Friend in Sarasota, FL. Lynn

You may have remembered this letter from last month's newsletter. I had the opportunity to meet Nancy, observe her face and take her through a series of Facial Magic exercises.

"I've had the Facial Magic Program for a few years but due to illness stopped using it. I'll be 47 in a few months and all of a sudden I've noticed major sagging and drooping. I started to look tired all the time. I consulted a plastic surgeon that told me it would be $18,000 to fix my face (and that was just a partial lift). Discouraged, I came home and dug out my Facial Magic. That was about 2 weeks ago and the result has been amazing. I don't look tired all of the time anymore and my sagging are starting to diminish. My boyfriend and mom notice a big difference."

-Nancy O., Los Angeles

Her face responded beautifully and we instantly saw results! She wrote a follow-up letter that I want to share with you.

Hi Cynthia, I just wanted to drop you and line and let you know how much I enjoyed meeting you yesterday. What a great advertisement you are for Facial Magic! Meeting you really gives me incentive to get in there and do those exercises ! Than you so much for the additional exercises for my "problem area". I was thinking after I left you that the plastic surgeon didn't know what to do with me (not being able to accurately observe and pinpoint my areas of difficulty - remember he wanted to give me a chin implant!) and here Cynthia on just meeting me is able to see immediately where the difficulty lies and "prescribe" my Facial Magic remedies! I think that plastic surgeons need to hire you! I've decided that I'm going to do my exercises first thing in the morning before my day begins so I can really be distraction free. Cynthia, thank you very very much for taking the time to help me. I love my new exercises.

- Yours, Nancy

Tod Spence
Long Beach, CA
shares this with us:

FEBRUARY is the month for Valentine's Day, the month to ponder LOVE in all its aspects. Of course there is ROMANTIC LOVE, eros, it doesn't need much pondering. That's all the red hearts and candy kind of love, the cutesy cupid kind of love - the kind it's fun to dabble in. It's either in our lives or its not. It's nice to have around, but when it's not around we don't wither away. That is, as long as we have the 'other' kind of love in our lives, the agape, or spiritual kind of love, the kind of love we associate with God. SPIRITUAL LOVE is like the air we breathe, if we don't accept it in or send it out from us, we suffocate; we lose our connection to the Source. Without LOVE for family, LOVE for neighbor, LOVE for community, LOVE for righteousness, LOVE for beauty, LOVE for LIFE, without the LOVE for GOD we wither away and cease to be a part of the flow of LIFE.

Facial Magic Interviews, Follow-up information on Betty & Betsy Wuliger.
Many of you asked to see before and after pictures of the Wuligers, the one on your left is before the program started, the one on your right is five (5) weeks into the programů

After 5 weeks

From the Mailbag:

Dear Cynthia,

I purchased Facial Magic years ago, setting the jars of Daily Lift aside, for I was using other products (from Lancome).

The other day, I found the jars, and thought, "Why not?" and tried this formula which reminds me of being an Egyptian Queen applying honey to her

WOW! This stuff is incredible! My face is puffy from going to two funerals, and today I go again. But now I don't look so drained. Being pre-menopausal is taking its toll on my face and skin, along with winter's drying effect.

Your formula helped me "save face"! tee heee

Thank you again, and I'll be purchasing more soon (I hope it's still available!)

Tarrah Sterling... More

Editor's Note: Yes, Daily Lift is always available!


Facial Magic Interviews

Interview with Sonja Donahoe
On February 25, 2002, Sonia will celebrate her 53rd birthday. She is a recognized actress in television, industrial films, voice-overs, and print work. Sonia has great love of the theater; her early training as a ballet dancer has provided her the ability to grace the stage, including Broadway. Her family was in show business so her talent probably comes naturally.

Sonia was introduced to Facial Magic when she saw the infomercial; at first she was somewhat skeptical until she learned that a friend of her had gotten the tape. When she saw the infomercial again, she ordered Facial Magic.

Cynthia: How long have you been doing Facial Magic?

Sonia: At first I was off and on with it but this time, I've been doing the exercises since October 25,2001.

Cynthia: What do you notice happening with your face, Sonja?

Sonia: I've got the mirror right here. You know, it's not one specific thing; it's the overall look of my face. The angles have softened. At this age, on my face anyway, I noticed that I was looking sharper. Now my face looks fuller and softer.

Cynthia: One think I've noticed about Facial Magic women, their faces look less stressed.

Sonia: Yes! That's what has happened to my face. Being in show business, you hear actresses talking about face-lifts, botox, eyelifts and collagen all the time. I want to work more and especially in this business, the better you look, the more you work. That's really true no matter what business you're inů

...read full interview     

Coming Soon...
upcoming New Product Releases

Facial Magic "Maintenance Video"
An accelerated Facial Magic program to maintain your lift and further your results.
$29.95 includes Daily Lift and gloves with the new video...
Coming Soon!


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18th, enter now!



Self Examination

Two of my girlfriends discovered suspicious looking marks on the underside of their upper arms and in both cases the "marks" were melanoma! So many of us wear our robes or dressing gowns when we've finished with our showers and baths; these cover the arms so that when we blow-dry our hair or apply our makeup, we cannot see our hidden areas.

So, check today to make certain there are no discolorations on the underside of your arms. Stand in front of your mirror and give your nude body "a once-over" - be certain to raise your arms and look for anything out of the ordinary - it could save your life!

Both of these gals were "baby oil sun worshippers" in their youth and were totally shocked to discover the discolorations in an area that typically was not over exposed to the sun.

The American Academy of Dermatology offers the following Sun Safety Tips:

1) *Use a broad-spectrum sunscreen that protects against UVA and UVB rays and has a Sun Protection Factor of 15 or greater, even on cloudy days.
2) Reapply sunscreen every two hours when outdoors, especially if you're swimming or sweating

Upcoming Seminars

Toronto Feb 23
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March 4
Imporio provatta
Signal Hill, CA
6:30 PM-9:30PM

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We're working on more seminars for the new year.  


Here's a tip on how to lose weight without extra huffing and puffing!

Enjoy a cup of green tea with hot pepper sauce! Quebec's Laval University researchers found that eating a teaspoon of hot pepper sauce before meals reduced the amount of food people ate. They discovered that the hot pepper sauce had an effect on the nervous system so that their subjects not only ate less they had more energy.

The University of Geneva in Switzerland reported that if you drink three cups of green tea a day, you will burn more fat.

Hairbrush Cleanliness

Recently I read a health tip concerning our hairbrushes that made perfect sense to me. If you take your hairbrush into the shower with you and wash it with shampoo at least three times per week, you will drastically cut down on the bacteria that collects daily in your brush and then transferred onto your hair. These bacteria can creep onto your face and neck resulting in unwanted blemishes. If you are prone to regular outbreaks, your hairbrush might be the culprit... More

2002 - "New Year...New You"

We are really excited, we've begun to give our website a "facelift", this month we have added the "Interviews with Cynthia Rowland" section of the website, and over the next month or two we will unveil a new look across the whole website. MAKE SURE YOU LOOK FOR an additional monthly special each month, only available to our loyal newsletter mailing list members. So, please use our Tell-A-Friend program to help the people you know that might like knowing more about Facial Magic or Luscious Lips.

"New Year...New You" has you in mind: New look and a new feel.
We look forward to sharing these changes with you!

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