Questions For Media To Ask Cynthia


1.     Why do you think there is so much misinformation about facial exercise?

2.     What exactly is facial exercise and why does it work?  Explain resistance!

3.     Why do you think doctors donít prescribe facial exercise as a viable solution to surgery?

4.     Is surgery a permanent solution?  Is exercise?

5.     Why do people believe that plastic or cosmetic surgery is the best alternative?

6.     Are all facial exercises the same?  Is yours different?

7.     How reliable is exercise to treat an aging face?

8.     Neuromuscular Facial Retraining has been used for years to treat Bellís Palsy, stroke victims and others; are your exercises similar to those?

9.     Reason for looking younger: career, dating and more; isn't surgery a quick fix for everyone?

10.  Health risks are known for surgery and injections, does the same hold true for exercise?