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Kathy Van Dyck knew first hand that her neck was looking flabby and this made her feel older than her 50 years.

Then she heard about Cynthia Rowland and her pioneering work with facial exercise in hardly any time at all she began to look years younger and felt more confident in her appearance.

Working for months as a manufacturer's rep for a micro-current machine company, Kathy was disappointed that neither she nor her clients saw beneficial changes in their faces.  Kathy wanted a younger looking face; she didn't like the old woman looking back at her in the mirror and felt hopeless that her sagging neck was not responding to the creams and treatments she was investing in.

"I am a natural type of gal who would not consider plastic surgery or injections it's just not an option.  I can't be the only frustrated woman who wants a younger looking neck!"


Kathy began searching the internet for anti-aging help and found facial exercise.  "Now facial exercise made sense to me.  After all, I exercise my body with great results, I wanted to learn more.  The concept of exercise instead of surgery made sense but my internet research showed sites using puckers, contortions and twists of the face and calling this facial exercise this did not make sense at all!"

Finally, I found Cynthia Rowland's site and her description of Facial Magic made perfect sense; her knowledge of how and why facial muscles sag yet rehabilitate with isometric and resistance movements resonated with me.

"I was so excited and I had hopeful expectations that this program would work for me.  I received my DVD, took my beginning photos as directed and began in earnest to save my face using exercise.  Right away I began to feel the muscles tightening and I knew that these exercises were working.  In fact, I felt so great that I thought I might become addicted to these movements!"

The proof was in the photos.  "I am amazed at the difference I see in my photos and in the mirror!  When you look at your face everyday, you may not see the changes but when I laid the photos side by side, they showed how my neck tightened, my lower mouth area looked younger and my skin became thicker, and more youthful looking."

Kathy's results prompted her to contact Cynthia Rowland's office.  "I just wanted to learn more about the process and what she was doing for the women of Florida.  Well, was I ever surprised when Cynthia agreed to come to Tampa if I could pull together groups of women for a seminar."

When women began arriving for the first seminar, you could easily see the skepticism on their faces as they were seated at round tables with mirrors and white exercise gloves before them.  "It wasn't long after the event began when the women began 'oohing and aahing' as they saw their faces change.  Lifting, smoothing, and tightening were evident on every face!"

The women enthusiastically embraced what Cynthia was showing and telling them.  "In the weeks past I have continued to receive comments about the attendees results it's true, Facial Magic is a facelift using your fingertips and the results are there if you just stick with the program.  I love my results and you will, too!  You just look like you, only younger!" Kathy states.


The above is Kathy's audio testimonial

BEAUTY TIP:  Did you know that if you place a one-inch piece of office tape vertically over your frown lines before sleeping that you will wake up looking refreshed?

Cynthia's best look younger secrets:

Curl your eyelashes

Sleep on a buckwheat pillow

Smile often

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